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Thanksgiving Sunday Worship and the Online Holy Communion
New Update
In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, our church held a Thanksgiving service and the Holy Communion on Sunday, November 21, to give thanks to God for blessing us to reap abundant fruit in the Lord from everything we planted in faith and did throughout the year. ...

Easter Family Praise Contest

Manmin News   No. 692
April 25, 2021

On Sunday, April 4th at 1:30 PM, 쁄aster Family Praise Contest hosted by the Pastors' Association was held and broadcast through GCN TV, its mobile application, and KT Olleh TV Channel 882.

Hye-Eun Kim was the MC and it was pre-recorded in compliance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. A total of 31 teams participated and went through the first preliminary round, and 10 teams competed in the final.

뼯 HyeEun Kim, MC

The grand prize went to the family of Pastor Jinjoo Kim(The 10th Parish), and the family of Deacon Sungbeom Cho(The 2nd Chinese Parish) won the gold prize. Silver prize went to the family of Pastor Gwanghyun Park(The 19th Parish). Especially, Deacon Cheoguk Park셲 family(The 2nd Parish) won the popularity award which was voted by the church members online(See page 3).

뼯 Grand Prize - 쏦ope (Family of Pastor Jinjoo Kim)

뼯 Gold Prize - 쏥lory (Family of Deacon Sungbum Cho)

뼯 Silver Prize - 쏤ruit of the shepherd (Family of Pastor Gwanghyun Park)

뼯 Popularity Prize - Family of Joonwoo Park

뼯 쏮aranatha (Family of Deacon Minsoek Seo)

뼯 쏦appy Boeun셲 (Family of Deacon Sangki Cho)

뼯 쏦eavenly Hope (Family of Deacon Dugki Chang)

뼯 쏝itgoeul (Family of Pastor Hyungryeol Park, Gwangju Manmin Church)

뼯 Gilhwan Ji & Okran Kim

뼯 쏬ove (Family of Deacon Sukmin Seo, Gwangju Manmin Church)




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