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“As a missionary, I will lead many souls into the arms of the Lord.”
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First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for leading my life and for leading me to change into the gospel of holiness by meeting Dr. Jaerock Lee. Since I was little, my will was strong and I had a personality that couldn’t tolerate injustice, so I often fought. ...

[The Divine Healing Meeting Testimonies] “I’m healed of hallux valgus!”

Manmin News   No. 708
December 19, 2021

Senior Deaconess Junghee Yang(Age 66, the 14th Parish)

I had hallux valgus on my left big toe for 6 years. The left big toe was twisted and its bone sticked out, so it was inflamed when walking in shoes. I couldn’t walk for a long time because of the pain. As a result, I had to wear wide shoes, so I couldn’t wear pretty shoes.
People around me recommended taking medicine as they saw my red, swollen and inflamed foot from hallux valgus, but I did not take medicine to receive healing by faith.

Then, on September 7, through the Online Prayer Meeting, led by Mrs. Boknim Lee, Director of Manmin Prayer Center, I was given the power to cry out in prayer by God’s grace, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. In order to be healed of hallux valgus at the Divine Healing Meeting, I offered the vowed prayer for a week attending the Daniel Prayer Meeting, and I repented of my lukewarm faith.
On September 13, it was when Dr. Soojin Lee prayed for the sick. The fire of the Holy Spirit heated up my body, and I felt peace in my heart.
After that, the swelling of the left foot due to hallux valgus subsided and the pain disappeared, and the inflammation was completely healed. Hallelujah!




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