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쁔he Divine Healing Meeting to meet and experience God
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On May 27, at 11 pm during the Friday All-night Service, the 쁃ivine Healing Meeting for the sick was held non-face-to-face while being broadcast live around the world through satellite, YouTube, and the Internet through GCN TV( ...

District, Sub-district, and Cell Leaders' Devotional Service

Manmin News   No. 92
April 2, 2007

Workers in charge of looking after souls offered to God the Sunday Evening Service on March 4, 2007, as "The District, Sub-district, and Cell Leaders' Devotional Service."
Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee urged each of the leaders to "achieve greater revival, in your love for the Lord, as a cell grows into a sub-district, a sub-district into a district, and a district into a parish, and beautifully cultivate the inheritance of heaven" in his messages titled "One Who Serves Is Great" based on Matthew 23:11 for district leaders, "Aroma of Goodness" based on Esther 2:15 for sub-district leaders, and "One Who Is Gentle" based on Matthew 5 for cell leaders.




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