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[Feature Story] 쏥reetings in the name of the Lord!
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Many churches in Russia are having a hard time due to COVID-19 but my church as a family of Manmin is doing well without difficulties. The pastors of Manmin churches in Russia are tied as one and are faithfully working at their respective place. Our denomination was formed based on the vision of the Senior Pastor and has been grown with his continuous support and prayer. ...

At the Manmin Athletic Meet, Manmin Solidarity Developed through the Holy Spirit!

Manmin News   No. 557
September 03, 2017

A Global Festival Full of Amazing Wonders Was Held in Goodness and Peace

Throughout the Manmin Athletic Meet the sun was covered by clouds and a pleasantly cool breeze continued to blow. It reminded attendees of heavenly winds. In this refreshing wind, they felt the great love of God all the more.

The temperature went over 30 degrees Celsius nationwide, and a heatwave alert was issued. But Muju, in Jeonbuk Province, which included the retreat venue, was an exception (Right). In the wonder of God, the weather was controlled for the best condition situation by situation.

As people from 37 countries participated, many foreign members competed in the games as a member of Branch Churches' Team and took the lead in achieving the victory. The team won 12 gold medals including the 100m sprint (men and women), relay races (male students, male pastors, and male and female adult members), long-distance races (male and female), mini soccer, ssireum [form of wrestling] (under 90kg and over 90kg), and arm wrestling (female, under 65kg).

All teams competed in the spirit of unity, goodness and peace, which brought Manmin members from all over the world into the unity in the Lord's love.

A Key to the Victory Is "Pleasing God"

The gold medal of the Mini Soccer match went to the Branch Churches' Team. The players belong to different branch churches from Daejeon, Yeosu, and Miryang, but they played in unity in the Lord.

Brother Farid Hernández from Colombia played in the game and said, "I underwent training for several years with hope to play soccer in God's sight. In such a match, I got a goal and my team won. I was really excited and happy. I will renew myself all the more back in Colombia and run towards the city of New Jerusalem."

In the female tug-of-war, the 1st Great Grand Parish Team won the gold medal for the fifth time in a row. Senior Deaconess Jeongnyeo Bae, the director, prepared for the match with praying and giving offerings in Daniel Prayer Meeting. With the goal of five victories in a row, the members went through training even after Daniel Prayer Meeting. Meantime, they were healed of shoulder tendon rupture, back pain, and stretched ligaments.

Sister Alina Palnikov from Sacramento, California in the U.S. won the gold medal in the female arm-wrestling match. During the Divine Healing Meeting on the first day, she was set free from pain over her body including her back caused by fibromyalgia syndrome that had troubled her since she was 13. She said, "I want to live in Korea as a member of Manmin." Her words tell us how amazing the retreat was.

Runners from Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church in Kenya

The highlight of every athletic meet may be the running races. In the races, the members from Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church made great contributions to the winning of the team. Ketupei Jacob (left) won gold medals in the 100m sprint, the men's relay race and the silver medal in the long-distance race. Mwendwa Catherine (right) won gold medals in 100m sprint, long-distance race, and the women's relay race. They also received MVPs in the Athletic Meet.

Brother Mutiso Abel won the gold medal in the long-distance race, and Pastor Edwin Otieno crossed the finishing line as the winner in the men pastors' relay race (third and fourth from left in the picture below). They had hoped to meet Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee face-to-face, and their heart's desire was fulfilled.

The members of Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church watched the matches live on GCN ( When the players arrived at the Kenyatta Airport on August 14, they shared joy of victory giving the winners bunches of flowers.

On August 22, Maasai people held Thanksgiving Service and Celebration with Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong as the speaker to celebrate the winner Jacob who is the son of the leader of the Maasai people.

Pastor Valerii Trenogin Bishop of Western Ural Area Mission, Russia

"The Manmin Athletic Meet was a well-prepared and well-organized event. All church members looked full of peace and love. It was good to see members from overseas countries participating in the games as members of Manmin. The weather was fantastic. It was really amazing!"

Pastor Maksim Tomassov President of TBN Baltia, Estonia

"I felt the Lord's work leading all Manmin to strong unity in Manmin Athletic Meet. God's children competed in many different matches, received medals, and celebrated each other. This impressed me a lot. I want to come again next year with more people from Estonia so that they can feel the grace and goodness of God here together with other members."




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