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[Feature story] 쏧셫 happy to become a missionary of Manmin.
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Greetings from Estonia in the name of the Lord. Dr. Jaerock Lee and the workers of Manmin that I met were all faithful servants of God. In addition, we are always receiving grace through Manmin ministry. Not long ago, I was appointed as a missionary for Manmin. ...

The 7-Year Period of Love and Justice for Achievement of the Providence of the End Time

Manmin News   No. 573
December 31, 2017

Manmin Central Church has been working to accomplish national evangelism and the world mission with the power of the Holy Spirit since its opening in 1982. To help the church achieve God's providence for the end time, the God of love has allowed for rapid spiritual flow. He has led the members to receive the blessing of souls' prosperity and gaining the qualification for entering New Jerusalem.

On December 25, 2010, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee began in earnest to fill up the justice for people who had not obeyed the Word of God. On their behalf, he offered up prayer with fervent love for them and paid the price of justice with all he had so that they could turn from sins and become God's true children. His sacrifice triggered college students' spiritual recovery campaign: "The New Jerusalem Movement".

From January till March in 2013, pastors and Levite workers were given a three-month grace period. During the period, they worked to resolve the problem of sins through the shepherd's intercession without which retributions would have been unavoidable according to the laws of spiritual justice. On the last day of the period, that is, Easter Sunday, March 31, they were once again given strength to move forward. In May, eight pastors and workers experienced the Division of Spirit by Dr. Lee's prayer and visited each dwelling place of heaven, and hell. Their testimonies increased the members' hope for heaven and longing for greater faith.

In October 2014, Dr. Lee had a 3D video produced in celebration of the church's 32nd anniversary. It depicted the shepherd's castle in New Jerusalem and added to viewers' hope for heaven. In 2016, Dr. Lee began inviting secondary school students to his prayer house, and the visits have helped them stop pursuing worldly pleasure. In early 2017, he offered up a peace offering to God for the church members. It was yet another seed for members to experience spiritual renewal and blessing.

From 2011, he started to deliver the messages at a much deeper level in the Leadership Conferences under the themes: 'The Measure of Faith', 'Spirit', 'Whole Spirit', 'Love', 'The Depth of Love', and 'Power'. Through the messages, he helped the members to check themselves and cast off original evil from their hearts. He also presented the ways in detail to achieve the heart of spirit and whole spirit. He even taught them how to receive the Power.

In August every year, God has allowed them to experience the power of re-creation by showing healing of countless diseases and infirmities and even the controlling of the temperature. All this was possible due to the 7-year period of Dr. Lee's untold amount of sacrifice and devotion extended to lead them to New Jerusalem. At the end of the day, they were able to increase faith, become more united with the shepherd in trust and love and run ever more earnestly towards New Jerusalem.

Dr. Lee filled the justice with all his body and heart during the 7 years because he loves souls so much and he desires all people of all nations to gain salvation. That is, the church came to have a well-established system and gird its loins for the world mission and national evangelism to guide people in the world to the Lord. Manmin members including approximately 11,000 branch and associate churches in and out of Korea are ready. It has been through all this that the abundant fruit of power of re-creation has been borne.

The power of re-creation was manifested as amazing wonders as well. Through Dr. Lee's prayer, the extremely powerful hurricane, "Irma" weakened and changed its course in the U.S. Sweet rain poured in areas stricken by severe droughts, torrential downpours stopped during flooding, and the temperature was controlled to optimum levels. Also, people of Manmin were protected in all kinds of disasters including earthquakes and epidemics of newly-discovered viruses such as Ebola. These works have become well-known to many people throughout the world.

Also, many healing meetings with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee prayed, were conducted in a number of countries including the U.S., Canada, Israel, Latvia, France, Kenya, Pakistan, Mongolia, and countries in the Middle East (Acts 19:11-12). Countless people were healed of AIDS, cancers, poor eyesight, hearing disabilities, and many other diseases, and even the demon-possessed were set free.

Additionally, Pastors' Seminars have continued to be held transcending denominations and national boundaries. And Dr. Lee's books have been published in 61 languages which help people understand the heart and will of God. Through such channels, the holiness gospel has awakened a great number of pastors, believers, and even unbelievers around the world.

Through the broadcasting of the Global Christian Network (GCN) that now covers more than 170 countries, people also have experienced renewal and healing. After they experienced the power they spread the news to their friends and family and opened branch churches. Such churches have been established in Moldova, Switzerland, and France to name a few. When people received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick through GCN, they were healed of every kind of disease including cancer, acute cor pulmonale, aftereffects of stroke, and infertility. They also received answers to their prayer titles. So, more and more people have sent prayer requests and testimonies to the church through GCN. There have been a large number of Muslims and Hindus as well as Christians who have experienced the power and accepted Jesus Christ.

During the seven-year period of the justice beginning at Christmas 2010, the shepherd's tears changed the hearts of people who had become hardened and stained with sins and he has been guiding them to the best dwelling place in Heaven, New Jerusalem. Let's give all thanks and glory to God who has led Manmin with endless love and is achieving His providence for the end time.




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