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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Colombia Manmin Church
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On April 25(Mon) 9 am(7 pm on 24th in local time), Colombia Manmin Church셲 10th Anniversary Service was held with the speaker, Pastor Mikyung Lee(Chairperson of the Pastors Association) while it was broadcast live around the world through GCN TV. ...

Christmas Eve Performance and Celebration Service 2017

Manmin News   No. 574
January 07, 2018

Manmin Central Church held its Christmas Service at 11 A.M. on December 25, 2017. To celebrate the day together, more than 400 pastors and believers visited the church from 22 countries including the U.S., Belgium, Nepal, and Colombia. Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee delivered the message entitled "Blessing" taken from Romans 13:10. He urged the attendees to remember God's special love of forgiveness and waiting that had been given to them since 2010 and to take part in achieving God's providence with the Lord and the shepherd.

On the 24th the Christmas Eve Performance was presented after Sunday Evening Service by the Performing Arts Committee under the title "Congratulations on the Lord's Birth!". It was in a contemporary genre showing a variety of live performances unfolding with a video story, fantastic special lighting, and beautiful music and dance in harmony. The video story-line was enhanced by new songs of Manmin Praise such as "The Lord's Birth", "Great Mystery", "The Way of Salvation", "Power of Love", and "December 25". The performers sang, danced and acted with fervent passion. Together this all added intense emotional inclusion of the people in attendance.




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