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쏛s a missionary, I will lead many souls into the arms of the Lord.
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First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for leading my life and for leading me to change into the gospel of holiness by meeting Dr. Jaerock Lee. Since I was little, my will was strong and I had a personality that couldn셳 tolerate injustice, so I often fought. ...

"Blessing overflows in my workplace!"

Manmin News   No. 577
January 28, 2018

Deaconess Irena, age 39, Overseas Parish, Manmin Central Church

I was born into a Christian family and grew up in the Lord thanks to my grandmother. During the period of Japanese colonial rule, she had moved to Sakhalin with her family. Although Russia banned Christianity at that time, she had worship services at home with several other families. As her spiritual eyes opened, she would talk about heaven. She once said that angels were offering up beautiful praises in front of the throne of God.

She said her lifelong desire was to return to South Korea because a powerful pastor would appear in the country and lead all people of all nations to salvation. In 1998, her wish was fulfilled, and my family returned to Korea and began free believing lives.

In the meantime, my father was guided to Manmin Central Church by an acquaintance. In 2009, I also began to go to the church. When I witnessed the signs, wonders, and powerful works, I was convinced that Senior Pastor is the one that my grandmother had talked about. From 2012, I helped my Overseas Parish Pastor with Russian interpretation when she visited Russian-speaking people. I felt happy to work for the kingdom of God. I chose a job that caused no problem in helping my parish pastor although there were other better offers. God, then, led me to a better workplace.

In 2013, Senior Pastor showed up in my dream. He gently said that I had done a good job and asked if I ate well and how I was doing in my workplace. I thought it amazing. Afterwards, I was hired by a hospital in Seoul that I had wanted to work for. I started to work as an interpreting manager for Russian-speaking patients and my annual salary increased more than twofold. My job made me become a more skillful interpreter and broaden my heart. One day, Senior Pastor appeared again in my dream. He called each of my Russian-speaking cell members and asked me to take good care of them. After the dream, I was given a duty as a cell leader for a Russian-speaking cell in the overseas parish and as a Russian interpreter of Sunday Evening Service.

In May 2017, I joined a preparation trip for the international conference of World Christian Doctors Network. When we received Senior Pastor's prayer before the trip, he prayed for every detail that I had not even thought of. Back in Seoul, I was promoted in my workplace from a coordinator to a chief manager of the international department. I supervise all managers in charge of language interpretation except for the English team. I also acquired some licenses that are really hard to get and my income increased.

In October 2017, I participated in WCDN Russia Conference as an interpreter and received much grace from medical doctors and professionals who proved the divine healing cases based on medical data. I give all thanks and glory to God who has led me to blessed ways both in spirit and body.




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