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The Prayer of Agreement

Manmin News   No. 581
March 04, 2018

While you sometimes pray individually, you should gather often with people and pray crying out in agreement on what is asked for. Let's delve into what the prayer of agreement is and how it is done. By offering such prayer, let's experience the power of the prayer of agreement.

What is the 'prayer of agreement'?

Matthew 18:19 reads, "Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven." It indicates how much God is pleased with the prayer done with 'two of you agreeing about anything you may ask.'

Here, the 'two of you agreeing' in prayer refers to the prayer offered up by each person in unity with the Holy Spirit when they pray to God in the name of the Lord (Jude 1:20). In other words, they should pray with their hearts becoming united with the heart of the Holy Spirit. Only in such prayer can the Lord work, and it is powerful prayer to bring down answers from God quickly.

In order to offer up such prayer, we should first achieve the heart of spirit. To the extent that untruthful attributes, sin and evil are removed from our heart, we can accomplish the heart of spirit more and realize the will of God clearly through the Holy Spirit's voice and urging.

As we obey the Holy Spirit, we receive more of His fullness and inspiration and become more united with Him. If you pray in the unity with Him, neither your fleshly thoughts nor your greed will interfere with your prayer.

Therefore, you will be able to pray with the desires of the Holy Spirit and in the truth so that things will be achieved in God's way. Even when you are tired, you will be able to receive the Spirit's fullness quickly, drive away fatigue, and deeply communicate with God. This kind of prayer spiritually refers to prayer of agreement.

How can we pray in agreement with the Spirit?

God is pleased when you pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit and answers it with great blessing. It's because the prayer is offered up in unity with the Holy Spirit. Through such prayer of agreement, you will be able to receive answers from God and testify to the living God.

You can pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit by receiving His fullness (Ephesians 6:18). The Holy Spirit is the heart of God, and He searches all things, even the depths of God (1 Corinthians 2:10). He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God (Romans 8:27). Thus, when you pray following the Holy Spirit's guidance, you can pray according to the will of God and God will answer your prayer and fulfill your heart's desire.

If you are a beginner or you haven't consistently prayed, you may find it hard to pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit. If you pray with your thoughts and in your own way, you might not become full of the Spirit. You might have idle thoughts and doze off in tiredness. Your prayer may be in meaningless repetition and you might forget what you said in prayer.

No one can pray perfectly in agreement with the Holy Spirit from the beginning. But, as you try hard to pray in the Spirit, God will recognize your effort and give you grace. Then, you will be able to pray well and finally pray by the Holy Spirit. God will remember even the prayer you have offered up in the past and repay you with answers and blessing.

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus said, "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." When God's children who accepted the Lord and received the Holy Spirit pray together, the Lord will guide their hearts to become united with the Holy Spirit and united with each other in prayer. He will work in such a prayer and the prayer is pleasing to God.

If people's hearts are not united, the leader should lead them to praise in fullness and repent so that they can become united. Only when they pray in unity can they receive the Spirit's fullness and receive joy and conviction for the answer.

Power of the prayer of agreement

After the resurrected Lord ascended into heaven, 120 people gathered to receive the Helper, the Holy Spirit that the Lord had promised to send. When they prayed in agreement, they all received the Holy Spirit and spoke with other tongues (Acts 1:12-15; 2:1-4).

On that day the apostles received great power, and through Apostle Peter's sermon, three thousand people were baptized on the same day. The number of believers was added as signs and wonders were manifested through the apostles, and the believers' lives were renewed (Acts 2:14-47).

Through the prayer of agreement, they came to be able to deliver the message powerfully, heal the blind and the lame, bring the dead back to life, cleanse all kinds of diseases, and drive out demons from the demon-possessed.

If you become united with the Holy Spirit and pray with heart, the almighty God will work transcending your greatest expectations no matter what kind of situation you are in (Acts 12). To extend the kingdom of God, for pastors, workers, and believers, they must pray in agreement. And, depending on how much they put their hearts and devotion in the prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit will be different.

The prayer of agreement is the basis of blessings for spiritual growth or the fulfillment of desires of the heart (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Each individual's prayer may be offered up as thin pillar of aroma and may lack the power to destroy the camp of the enemy devil and Satan in the air, but when the prayer is added to the thick aroma of prayer, it is much more powerful. In the prayer of agreement, each one's prayer will be offered up as thick aroma and rise powerfully to heaven.

When you pray for the kingdom of God in unity with the Holy Spirit, God will take delight in the prayer and give the answer to your personal heart's desire even more quickly.

The number of people is not what matters most in the prayer of agreement. The people who gather should receive the same urging of the Holy Spirit and pray with the same purpose. Therefore, at the center of the prayer of agreement is the Holy Spirit. Only when people are united following the Holy Spirit's guidance in prayer can it be said to be the prayer of agreement.




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