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[Feature story] 쏧셫 happy to become a missionary of Manmin.
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Greetings from Estonia in the name of the Lord. Dr. Jaerock Lee and the workers of Manmin that I met were all faithful servants of God. In addition, we are always receiving grace through Manmin ministry. Not long ago, I was appointed as a missionary for Manmin. ...

Powerful Works Shown through Muan Sweet Water

Manmin News   No. 582
March 11, 2018

Muan Sweet Water is a must-have for Manmin members. It is their 'spiritual household medicine' and even a 'repairman' for broken machines. They make a good use of it by faith in many parts of their lives and they have experienced the power of God the Creator through its use.

Sister Jaya Mary, age 51 (photo #1), from Chennai in India sprayed Muan Sweet Water on her peanut seeds in 2017 because the peanuts she had harvested in 2016 were so small and it was not a good harvest. As a result, she harvested very big peanuts abundantly. One day, her cow was suffering in a difficult delivery of its calf. She fed the cow with Muan Sweet Water and it soon delivered the calf normally.

Deacon Kihyun Jeong, age 54 (photo #2) sprayed Muan Sweet Water on the wart formed on his right fourth finger every day and received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick recorded on Automated Response System. The wart got smaller and smaller and then totally disappeared.

Deaconess Hyodeok Kim, age 40 (photo #3) sprayed Muan Sweet Water on her eyes and double eyelids formed. Sister Younghwa Do suffered inconvenience for a week because the drain in her house was frozen in a cold wave, but the drain was cleared when she poured Muan Sweet Water into it after receiving Dr. Lee's recorded prayer. Deaconess Keumhwa Yang, age 60 from California, USA fixed her broken computer, Deaconess Yujeong Jang, age 74, a TV set, by spraying Muan Sweet Water on them and Sister Daseon Choi, age 11, regained function of her cell phone after spraying Muan Sweet Water on her phone.

"I was healed of cataracts and hair loss!"

Deacon Taesung Jeong, age 75, Chuncheon Manmin Church

My vision was blurry due to cataracts and I had a hard time reading. But after I sprayed Muan Sweet Water into my eyes I could see things clearly. The medical check-up showed that I no longer have cataracts.

I had also suffered from indigestion after I had a gastrectomy, but after I drank Muan Sweet Water, I was healed of it as well. I was also healed of hair loss. After I sprayed the water on my hair, a lot of hair grew within a month and I came to have thick hair.

I once fell down holding a glass. A piece of broken glass went into my left palm. It damaged the nerves and ligaments. I had surgery, but the doctor said that it would be impossible to recover completely. As I continuously sprayed Muan Sweet Water, the pain was gone and the scarring healed up quickly. I recovered the sense of feeling on the hand that had been numb.

In 2017, I was healed of severe dermatitis on the back of my hand through Muan Sweet Water. I give all thanks and glory to God who gave us Muan Sweet Water.

"My son was run over by a motor-powered trike, but he had no problem!"

Sister Janet Bisais, age 38, Cavite Manmin Church, Philippines

In September 2017, my seven-year-old son was run over by a motor-powered tricycle while playing in front of our house. It was a big accident in which the wheel ran on his right leg. However, he had no pain at all with only a small scratch. People who witnessed it were surprised to see him stay normal.

I applied Muan Sweet Water on his leg right after the accident and took him to hospital for a check-up. The result showed that not a single bone was damaged though the trike ran right over his leg. Hallelujah! As I kept applying Muan Sweet Water, the bruise disappeared and no aftereffects have been noted.

My son had hated to write letters before, so I sprayed Muan Sweet Water on his fingers with faith. He no longer hates writing!

X-ray scan

No sign of fractures to his right thigh (on right) and his right shin (on left)

"I was healed of leucorrhea!"

Deaconess Youngsuk Yu, age 56, Parish 31, Manmin Central Church

I had leucorrhea since I was a fourth grader in elementary school. The symptoms got worse over time. My mother took me for a Chinese acupuncture examination and to an herbal clinic and I also took oriental medicine. She also extracted the essence of motherwort after hearing about its effect on leucorrhea, but it didn't work. I had to change my underclothes day and night every day and holes were often made in them due to the germs the disease carried. I had the symptoms for a long time, so I didn't even think that I could be healed of it even after I registered in Manmin.

In spring 2014, as the symptoms became worse I sprayed Muan Sweet Water three times daily. Then, suddenly blood discharged. I went to ob-gyn but the doctor said she couldn't check it because there was so much blood discharging. She told me to visit her again after it stopped. A few days later, bleeding stopped. Then, I went to the restroom and was surprised. My underwear was clean, and I have had no symptoms of leucorrhea since, at all.

My sister was also surprised to see me receive the divine healing of leucorrhea that I had suffered for more than 40 years and accepted the Lord. I am very happy.

"Evil spirits went out and a baby was conceived!"

Pastor Keval Paul, age 32, Jagran Manmin Church, India

In September 2017, I learned about Manmin. Afterwards, I was provided with Muan Sweet Water by Delhi Manmin Church, India. I sprayed it for my church members and let them drink some of it. Right then, Sister Muskan (photo #1) fell backward and then woke up again. She said that she had usually felt suffocated as if she was in a pressure cooker but after she sprayed Muan Sweet Water she felt something coming out from her. She also said she came to feel very good and headaches and a pressing feeling were all gone.
Sister Sangeeta Burma (left, photo #2) had no child though she had been married for two years, but several days after she drank Muan Sweet Water she became pregnant. Her mother-in-law (right) was also set free from an evil spirit through Muan Sweet Water.




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