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[Feature Story] Secret to quick answers, God-pleasing Prayer
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Above all, we should love God the Creator and the Lord who is our Savior, and pray with the love that fills our hearts. God is pleased with the prayer of love and gives us wonderful answers and blessings. ...

2018 Easter Performance_ "The Cross of the Lord"

Manmin News   No. 587
April 15, 2018

The cross of the Lord, a mystery that has been hidden since before the ages... Through His love that fulfilled the providence of salvation completely, may all of those who are living in this end time be filled with the joy of salvation and the hope for heaven!

Act 1: The Cross of the Lord
Scene 1: Introduction – Little Jesus waits for the time of fulfilling the providence of salvation and prepares for it in prayers.
Scene 2: Prelude by Nissi Orchestra
Scene 3: People Who Wait for the Messiah
Scene 4: The Love of the Lord – The disciples feel excited about the Lord's ministry
Scene 5: The Prayer of the Lord – Jesus prays alone in the Sea of Galilee
Scene 6: The Ministry of the Lord – People take the branches of palm trees and meet Him with joy.
Scene 7: The Last Supper
Scene 8: The Way of the Cross

Act 2: The Resurrection of the Lord
Scene 9: Death of Judas Iscariot
Scene 10: Afterwards, Those Who Love the Lord – Mary Magdalene and Virgin Mary miss Lord Jesus more and more
Scene 11: The Resurrection of the Lord
Scene 12: Finale – Ascension




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