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Many churches in Russia are having a hard time due to COVID-19 but my church as a family of Manmin is doing well without difficulties. The pastors of Manmin churches in Russia are tied as one and are faithfully working at their respective place. Our denomination was formed based on the vision of the Senior Pastor and has been grown with his continuous support and prayer. ...

Interview _ "Without faith, Manmin could not have achieved this great ministry!"

Manmin News   No. 613
October 21, 2018

Ms. Rosalba Rodriguez de Rincon, President of Enlace Colombia

I paid a visit to Manmin Central Church after nine years. I was so happy to see the growth of the church that is ministered to by my beloved Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Enlace Colombia has broadcast Dr. Lee's sermon program "The Word of Life". Ninety-five percent of the Colombian population has access to this channel, and the DTH (Direct-to-Home) service covers an average of about 80 to 85 percent of the country.

The viewers really like Dr. Lee's sermons because the messages are grounded firmly on the Word of God and the spiritual depth reaches the very depths of their hearts. This word of life renews hearts, gives life, brings about healing works, and recovers cohesiveness within families. Also, it inspires pastors. They can refer to or quote the messages for their sermons because the spiritual authority in Dr. Lee's sermons can renew Colombian people and households.

The members of Manmin were nice, lovely, and very considerate. They served us very thoughtfully considering very minute details. The celebration performance was also awesome. The stage design elegantly decorated with flowers really stood out, and the performance flow was smartly carried out. It was extraordinary! The vibrant colors, beautiful curtains, and great songs made me feel like I myself was on the road of the gorgeous and magnificent heaven.

Manmin was established on faith. Had it not been for faith in the growth process of this church, they could not have had this wonderful 36th anniversary. They have put a lot of effort to guide more people to the knowledge of God. Without faith, they could not have achieved this great ministry.

Faith is the key to the growth, revival and success of Manmin Central Church. Through faith, they could go beyond the boundaries of South Korea and push ever further out into the world. One of the countries which benefit from their ministry is Colombia. My visit to Korea was an amazing experience and a great blessing.




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