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One day in 2008, I watched a pastor셲 sermon through Enlace TV, and it was so gracious and impressive. He was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The sermon was unlike anything I had ever heard. It is because he told us how we could receive blessings from God and how important it was to sanctify our hearts. ...

"Collarbone Fracture Was Healed by Handkerchief Prayer!"

Manmin News   No. 625
January 13, 2019

Hae Yeong Kim (Age 32, Jinjoomoon Manmin Church)

It was Wednesday Nov. 7, 2018. I was sleeping with my little daughter, and I woke up to a thump followed by sharp crying of my daughter at around 5 AM.

She was having a nightmare, and I immediately sensed she fell from the bed. I held her shoulders to stand her up quickly. Then, my 6-year-old daughter Hankyeol began to cry so loudly that I couldn't even touch her.

I rushed her to a hospital at around 8 AM to see what was wrong as she was still crying. The X-ray picture showed her right collarbone was completely broken. The doctor said she must be in excruciating pain, and she'd better come back tomorrow, and put something to fix the broken part temporarily. Every time the medical staff tried to touch her, she cried very loudly and did not let them touch her.

We had a cell group service that morning and I called the wife of my pastor. She suggested I come to the cell group service and receive the prayer. While I was driving to go to the cell group meeting place, my daughter kept on crying very much every time the car hit any kind of bump. Probably it added to her pain.

However, I had been witnessing that many children's sicknesses were healed by the prayer of the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee, and with faith I just committed the matter into God's hands. After the cell worship was over, 2 of the cell members and the pastor's wife earnestly prayed for my daughter with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor had prayed (Acts 19:11-12).

I also received it with faith and earnestly because I believed in the power of the almighty Creator God. My daughter gradually stopped crying and by the time we got back home, I was very surprised. My house is on the 4th floor and we had to use the staircase, and she was walking very well!

I was so surprised and asked her if she was OK, and she kept on saying it didn't hurt any longer. The excruciating pain disappeared after the handkerchief prayer. Hallelujah!

That evening, I attended the Wednesday service in the church and made myself busy preparing for the 20th anniversary events of the church. Hankyeol played well while I was working, and she had no other problem since.

Later, we took another X-ray picture in the hospital, and the doctor said the collarbone is being fixed well, and there was nothing to worry about.

I give all thanks and glory to God who healed my daughter. I give thanks to our Lord who is always with us in our lives. I also give thanks to our Senior Pastor who let us experience God the Healer through the powerful handkerchief.

X-ray Pictures

Before Prayer: Center of right collarbone is fractured.
After Prayer: The fractured sides are being agglutinated well.




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