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Feature Story Series of 12th Anniversary of Evangelism in Israel

Manmin News   No. 626
January 20, 2019

Editor's Note: 2019 marks the 12th year of the start of our missionary works in Israel. Spreading the gospel in Israel is one of the visions that God gave to our church since its opening.

Manmin News wants to give thanks to God through the feature stories about the Israeli mission, and we look forward to greater and more amazing works that will be manifested in the future.

Israel Has God's Delicate Providence of Human Cultivation

God chose the land of Israel to let the people understand His providence in creating and cultivating human beings. God established Abraham as the father of faith, and made Abraham's grandson Jacob as the father of the nation of Israel, to which He proclaimed His will later.

When the sons of Israel obeyed God's Word, they enjoyed great honor and prosperity as a great people and nation. However, when they departed from God and disobeyed Him, they were attacked by neighboring countries. Sometimes they were dispersed all around the world and suffered.

Israel is the birthplace of Jesus. It is the place where He preached the gospel in person. And yet, it is still a Jewish state where they still wait for their Messiah. Soon after the opening of our church, God gave us the duty to spread the gospel in Israel telling us even the Jews would one day come to repentance through the return of the gospel to Israel.

2004 Manmin Pilgrimage, Actual Starting Point of Israeli Mission

Our church has gone on pilgrimages to Israel since 1989, and each time God has given us optimal weather conditions. He also gave us the inspiration of the Holy Spirit so that we could feel like we were living the Bible.

Especially, for the 2004 Manmin Pilgrimage, God told us we'd be united in the space of the Lord and gain a significant deal of spiritual knowledge. It was a step toward Israeli mission that started in 2007.

Going around Galilee, the main stage of Jesus's ministry, and the towns around it, we couldn't pass even a pebble or a blade of grass without feeling vestiges of His presence. In Jerusalem, we felt sorry that it seemed the orthodox Jews didn't have the light of true grace of God in them. However, at Gethsemane, we felt as if we were hearing the earnest prayers of Jesus. Seeing the Via Dolorosa, the crucifixion location and the tomb of Jesus, we could have deep communication with God.

Missionary Works All Over Israel from 2007 to 2009

On July 25, 2007, our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee and his delegation began our Israeli mission from Nazareth, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and manifesting works of God's power.

The local pastors were comforted and strengthened. They established a local pastor's association called Crystal Forum, and they held the Israel United Crusade in September 2009 at ICC, International Convention Center, in Jerusalem.

Rev. Jaerock Lee delivered the messages there. He testified about God the Creator and boldly proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the only Messiah. Fiery works of the Holy Spirit followed the messages and many divine healing works took place.

Jesus Christ was preached not just to Christians but even to the orthodox Jews. It was the fulfillment of God's prophecy about the return of the gospel to Israel.

Crystal Forum Plays Central Part in Evangelism in Israel

After 2009 Israel United Crusade, the Christian community in Israel has become much more active. They are holding various events such as Praise Festival, Married Couples Seminars and Youth Seminars.

The Israeli pastors are also seeing the works of repentance and healing that are taking place when they pray for the people with the handkerchiefs on which our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). Furthermore, they are conducting meetings and crusades in other countries including the United States, Russia, Bulgaria, and Finland, manifesting amazing works of the Holy Spirit.

The Crystal Forum invites the pastors and performance teams of our church to their pastors' conference, praise festivals, and even to special occasions such as the 70th anniversary of the nation of Israel. They are also learning the ministry of Manmin by participating in the Manmin Summer Retreat and church anniversary events. It is their hope that all the Jews will accept Jesus Christ and none of them will remain here on Earth and suffer the 7-Year Great Tribulation.




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