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Our church held the Feast of the Harvest Sunday service and the Holy Communion on July 3, while it was broadcast live worldwide through GCN TV ( In the Sunday Morning Service, Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee셲 video sermon entitled... ...

Engraving the Love of Cross In Our Heart

Manmin News   No. 638
April 21, 2019

Photos of Via Dolorosa for this Easter

Via Dolorosa means 'painful way' or 'way of suffering' in Latin. There are 14 locations beginning at the place where Jesus was sentenced to death by Pilate to the location of His sepulcher on this road, a distance of about 800 meters.
Let us remember the sufferings and death of Jesus, and the love of God who gave His only begotten Son for us through the photos along Via Dolorosa.

1 Pilate gave death sentence to Jesus here. Today an Arabic elementary school stands.
2 Starting point of Jesus's going up to Golgotha carrying the cross. The site of Flagellation Church.
3 The site where Jesus fell the 1st time carrying the cross. Armenia Commemoration Church was established in 1856.
4 The place where Jesus encountered Virgin Mary.
5 Simon the Cyrene took the cross for Jesus. A commemoration church is built here.
6 The place the woman healed of bleeding made her way through the angry crowd and soldiers to wipe Jesus' face.
7 Where Jesus fell the 2nd time.
8 Where Jesus said to the women following Him, "쫟top weeping for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children."
9 Where Jesus fell the 3rd time near the Golgotha.
10 Where the Roman soldiers stripped Jesus of His clothes.
11 Where Jesus was nailed on the cross.
12 Jesus breathed His last on the cross.
13 Where Jesus's body was laid.
14 Jesus's sepulcher
*10-14 are all in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher




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