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[Feature Story] Missionary works are going well even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic
New Update
Dear Manmin members! First, I give thanks to the Lord for leading us, and to you who have been praying for missionary works in Russia for a long time. It is more difficult to proclaim the Gospel than before, due to the emergence of new legislations which persecute churches. ...

Thank you, Manmin!

Manmin News   No. 643
May 26, 2019

The "Thank you, Manmin!" campaign went on from Apr.7 to May 3 in 2 rounds. We're introducing some of the testimonies of the church members. We give all thanks and glory to our Lord who is the master of our lives.

"I Am Happy Thanks to the Lord!"

Yeo Baek (32, 17th Parish)

I met the Lord while I was in high school. I came to learn about the love of the Lord through the sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee, and my life was totally changed.
Before meeting the Lord I always had nervousness and depression. I was filled with thoughts of suicide. But through God's word, I came to know about love, consideration for others and goodness. Whenever I felt hard I sought God, and He always let me feel He was with me. I could overcome anything through His love.
Furthermore, I was healed of nephropyelitis and injured ankle. My daughter was also conceived by the Senior Pastor's prayer. She is growing up very well. God blessed me with a good house and protects my family all the time. I am so thankful!

"My life is changed through the Lord's love"

Sukjoon Moon (23, 2nd Young Adults' Mission)

I had severe pneumonia when I was 5, but I was healed by Rev. Jaerock Lee's prayer. In the summer retreat of August 2013, I witnessed that rain stopped, the clouds disappeared, and the blue sky was seen by the Senior Pastor's prayer. He also praised God with all his heart. I was so touched by his trust in God and love for the Lord.
After that, I could feel the love of God and the sacrifice of the Lord very deeply whenever I prayed, and my life was no longer the same. Worship service was my happiness, and my words and actions also began to change. I tried to live a holy life.
My life has been prosperous in the Lord. I could feel the love of God the Father and the Lord more deeply through the Senior Pastor, and through that love I was changed. Thank you, I love you!

"I Met the Almighty Lord"

Haeok Choi (51, Chinese 1st Parish)

I was guided to Manmin Central Church in June 2006. I saw the New York Crusade with the speaker Rev. Jaerock Lee. I saw so many people getting healed of various diseases through the Senior Pastor's prayer.
I was overwhelmed by the works of the living God. The message on "Why Jesus is our only Savior" touched my heart, too. I was sure anything was possible through the Lord.
Since then, I've been living a happy life in the Lord, being set free from all diseases. Especially, once my appendix burst and it became peritonitis. The doctor said I couldn't survive at all without surgery, but I was healed just by the prayer with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor prayed (Acts 19:11-12).
I give thanks to the Lord who has blessed me to have a healthy and happy life.




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