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[Feature Story] 쁓elf-Righteousness that you insist your moral is superior to others
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There are the worldly righteousness, which is certainly against the will of God, and the self-righteousness formed on the foundation of the truth. The reason why it is not easy to discover self-righteousness is because those who have extensive knowledge of the truth and the faith to practice the truth to some extent may have formed it. ...

Fire of Holy Spirit in Mongolia!

Manmin News   No. 645
June 09, 2019

Handkerchief Meeting in Ulaanbaatar Manmin Church

The meeting began at 7 PM on May 17. The performers of the Ulaanbaatar Manmin Church and the Sound of Light Chorus of the main church presented special songs and dances.
The speaker Pastor Miyoung Lee delivered the message under the title "Blessing When Walking in the Light" and led a time of repentance and prayers. She then prayed for the whole congregation. They experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit and received divine healing, giving glory to God.
Narangchezek (65, female) had hard time walking due to knee pain but came to walk well. Handa (28, female) was healed of dizziness. Boyangdelgeri (24, male) was healed of herniated disc. Many believers were healed and joyfully gave testimonies.
Sobd Erden (25, female) used to frequently lose consciousness and wake up after a couple of hours due to aftereffects of traffic accident, but after receiving prayer that night, she awoke within 5 minutes and gave glory to God.
The leadership seminar was held at 2 PM on the 18th for the leaders of Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia Manmin church, which was followed by personal counseling from 3:45 PM.

16th Anniversary Service of Mongolia Manmin Church

The service was held at 10:30 AM on May 19, at the conference hall of Grand Hill Hotel.
Performing teams of Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia Manmin church and the Sound of Light Chorus of the main church presented special performances for the event. The speaker Pastor Miyoung Lee delivered a message under the title, "Prepare the Oil".
A handkerchief meeting was held at 2:30 PM the same day. Pastor Miyoung Lee delivered a message with the title 'faith' before she prayed for the congregation. Toya (54, female) came to hear with her deaf right ear. Bayar (76, male) was able to bend his finger that he hadn't been able to bend since having heart surgery.
Ulzi-orchiral (73, female) came to see with her right eye that couldn't see at all. She is seeing better and her sight is increasing, too.
There were many new-comers, too, who were healed of knee arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and kidney troubles. They also gave glory to God with their testimonies.




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