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One day in 2008, I watched a pastor셲 sermon through Enlace TV, and it was so gracious and impressive. He was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The sermon was unlike anything I had ever heard. It is because he told us how we could receive blessings from God and how important it was to sanctify our hearts. ...

"An Evil Spirit Left Me!"

Manmin News   No. 652
July 28, 2019

Neetu Chander (26, Delhi Manmin Church)

Six years ago I started to have frequent nightmares. My whole body ached. After marriage, it became even worse. I'd scream anywhere and also had fits.
I couldn't work, and I didn't want to. So, my husband had to do all the house chores. I was always angry. I'd scream at my husband and children to fight with them. Sometimes my husband had to stay up all night because of me and couldn't go to work.
In January 2018 we moved to Delhi because of my husband's work. It is a much more populated area than my hometown, and my symptoms got worse. I'd fall many times a day. My headache was unbearable. I felt like something heavy was pressing down on my head.
In May that year, my sister-in-law introduced to my Delhi Manmin Church and said the Lord could heal me. I attended a prayer meeting with her. They were playing the live-broadcast of Daniel Prayer Meeting that was going on in Manmin Central Church in Seoul.
I went to a church for the first time in my life, but I followed all the prayers and praise songs and received the prayer of Rev. Jaerock Lee on video at the end of it.
While I was receiving the prayer, I fell down. I woke up after Pastor John Kim prayed for me with a handkerchief. That night, I slept very well, and from the next Sunday I began to go to church regularly.
I attended not only Sunday services but also Friday all-night service and Daniel Prayer Meetings every night. I listened to Message of the Cross sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee every day. At first I felt drowsy and couldn't focus, but it was much better after a week.
Also, as I received the Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick and the handkerchief prayer from Pastor John Kim (Acts 19:11-12) in every worship service, my falling down seizures got much better.
I gained some faith, and I prepared myself with prayers and fasting to get healed completely in the summer retreat. I attended the 1st day of the 2018 Manmin Summer Retreat in August in India through GCN TV. When the speaker Pastor Soojin Lee was praying with the handkerchief, I felt like I was falling, but I focused on receiving the prayer. Soon, I felt the evil spirit in me left, and the heavy sensation in the head was also gone.
After the summer retreat, I've never had any fits or nightmares. Headaches and pain all over the body were also gone. Now I do the house-keeping work and play with my kids, too. My whole family is so happy thanks to the grace of the Lord. Hallelujah!




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