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At the General Assembly held online after the Sunday Evening Service on December 26, 2021, the Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee proclaimed the four visions that our church would accomplish in 2022, on behalf of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. ...

Spreading Lord's Love in Islamic State

Manmin News   No. 652
July 28, 2019

The students of United Holiness Theological College had a short term missionary trip to Indonesia from June 26 through July 5. Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world.
They made visitations to believers' homes in cooperation with local churches. They also held a neighbor invitation event, praise and worship, and handkerchief crusade (Acts 19:11-12).

Becoming One in the Lord

Their first schedule was visiting 18 homes of Hosanna Narada Church members in Jakarta on June 27. They visited the homes along with local young adults. They shared their testimonies and prayed for the believers who keep their faith even under the threats coming from the Muslims.
They held 'Korean Day, Manmin's Day' event in Hosanna Narada Church on the 28th. They shared Korean food and introduced Korean alphabet and Korean traditional games. They also introduced God's power and shared the gospel.
They had an athletic meet with many young members of various churches on the 29th. Hyein Koh said, "We were united in the Holy Spirit despite the language barrier. I thought of the earnest heart of the Lord for the souls not only in Indonesia but also around the world."
In the evening of the same day, they had a praise and worship service along with the young members of Hosanna Narada Church. The students of the theological college gave glory to God through their testimonies, fan dance, singing, and worship dances. Many local young members expressed their desire to visit Manmin Central Church hearing about the changes the Korean students experienced by meeting the Lord.
Hye-young Cho said, "The response from the local believers was greater than expected. I felt we were one in the Lord and the Holy Spirit despite the different nationalities. I was so thankful that I could share the love of the Lord through such a person as I."

Handkerchief Crusade

Handkerchief crusades were held in 3 different churches on June 30, Sunday, with the handkerchief on which Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed.
Pastor Hyeong-ryeol Park of Gwangju Manmin Church led the meeting in Tangram Manmin Church. Pastor Sungchil Lee of Masan Manmin Church led the meeting in Berkasi Bethlehem Church and Hosanna Narada Church. They delivered messages on 'Origin of God', 'Providences of Cross' and 'Faith' respectively, and then prayed with the handkerchief.
Hemiplegia and complications resulting from a traffic accident were healed. Pains in the back, knees and headaches were gone. Bad eyesight was also recovered. The theology students helped those who were healed to give and register their testimonies.
A special praise and worship service was held in Berkasai Bethlehem Church on July 1, and Pastor Sungchil Lee talked about giving praises with all our heart, as one of the ways to meet God.
They also had a pastors' meeting on July 2nd. More than 150 pastors were in attendance. After video presentations of Power of God, Pastor Sungchil Lee introduced the divine healing cases through Rev. Jaerock Lee and that God is almighty. The pastors gave glory to God whenever each healing case was introduced.
Pastor Martin Skaweek of GPdI of Western Java said, "In Indonesia, they no longer talk about God's power," and he asked our mission delegation to visit them again. He also expressed his wish to cooperate with our church.




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