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One day in 2008, I watched a pastor셲 sermon through Enlace TV, and it was so gracious and impressive. He was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The sermon was unlike anything I had ever heard. It is because he told us how we could receive blessings from God and how important it was to sanctify our hearts. ...

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Manmin News   No. 656
August 25, 2019

Myeong-geum Park (58, 5th Parish)

I came to Seoul and settled down in Guro Dong area when my business went bankrupt. I was guided to Manmin Central Church in 2005. At that time, I was almost crawling due to severe herniated spinal disc, but healed by Rev. Jaerock Lee's prayer. Since then, I didn't cease to pray, taking the responsibility as a cell group leader.
In 2009, God blessed me to get a job at a dental laboratory. I was also healed of my frozen shoulder by the Senior Pastor's prayer, and my husband also came to church saying there really is a mysterious existence there.
In 2011, I also won the lottery to move into government housing. I was very happy that all things were going well in the Lord.
However, I began to feel sorry before God about one thing. I didn't have enough time, and I wasn't doing my church duty as a cell group leader the way I should have.
In the end, I quit my job and got part time jobs with prayers. I did my best in my job as well as fulfilling my duty as a cell group leader. I visited the members of the church for spiritual counseling and didn't miss the Tuesday prayer meetings.
Then, I got more work and I had more income than I did before. In 2018, I repented of not praying hard enough and losing my passion for Lord's work amidst trials in the church. So, from 2019, I tried to read the Bible more properly to change myself and to be more faithful in my church duty.
In my work, we use very strong cleaning agent that also includes hydrochloric acid, and some of it splashed on to my face and eyes. It was in late May. I felt like there was sand in my eyes and I couldn't open them. Tears kept on running down.
I put the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor prayed (Acts 19:11-12) on my eyes and received his recorded prayer through my smart phone.
After I came back home, I thought I'd give my eyes a rest and tried to get some sleep. In my dream I met the Senior Pastor. To my amazement, after I woke up, the reddening of the eyes was gone completely and I didn't feel anything abnormal in my eyes. Hallelujah!
In another occasion, I received the Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick recorded in telephone automated response system when I couldn't walk due to severe back pain, and the pain disappeared right away, and this surprised my husband very much.
I give all thanks and glory to God and the Lord who is always with me and gives me only good things in all walks of my life.




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