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[Feature Story] 쏥reetings in the name of the Lord!
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Special report - the 12th Anniversary of Israel Mission <9> The witness of the Lord even to the remotest part of the earth (5)

Manmin News   No. 658
September 22, 2019

쏝ut you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

* 2009 Israel Multi-Cultural Festival

On July 23, 2007, when Dr. Jaerock Lee left Seoul to begin his ministry in Israel under God셲 providence, a mission trip of a total of 777 days finally culminated in the Israel Multi-Cultural Festival which was held in Jerusalem on September 7, 2009.

The festival was held under the auspices of Crystal Forum (Israeli Pastors Association) in International Convention Center, Jerusalem. Christian media personnel from 36 countries along with many political and financial figures attended and glorified God greatly.

At 6:30 p.m.September 6, 2009, the festival began with opening remarks by Pastor Oleg Hazin, the General Manager of the Crystal Forum, and then Hilik Bar, the holder portfolio of the Ministry of Tourism & Foreign Relations of the Municipality of Jerusalem gave the welcoming message to the congregation.

Manmin Performance team셲 colorful fan dance, praise and worship followed the message for 30 minutes. When the fiery works of the Holy Spirit filled ICC, the world-renowned revivalist Dr. Jaerock Lee began to deliver the word of God.

* Day 1 - God the Creator

As Dr. Jaerock Lee talked about the only God the Almighty who governs life and death, fortune and misfortune of people, the Creator of all the things in universe and beyond, those who attended the festival responded with applause, and gave great glory and thanks to God.

After the message, when Dr. Jaerock Lee began praying for the sick, the healing works started to take place. When the prayer was about to end, the stage was full of people who were eager to testify to their healings. The amazing works of God셲 power which can be found in the Bible made the people in attendance shed tears of joy.

Along with Israel local media, other famous world media outlets such as AFP and Reuters covered this 2009 Israel Multi-Cultural Festival. Reporters and writers of Korean Christian media also witnessed the festival, and covered the festival, which brought great impact on Korean Christian community.

In addition, there were people who experienced the healing works while watching the festival live on TV all over the world. They made phone calls to testify to God셲 power that transcend time and space.

* Day 2 - Jesus Christ, the Savior

September 7, 2009 was the historic day that Jesus, who was crucified 2000 years ago, was proclaimed the Savior of all mankind while numerous world media members and Israelis were watching.

Dr. Frank Wright, the president of NRB, and Peter Shelish, a member of presidential advisory committee of Russia delivered messages.

After receiving a plaque of appreciation from the festival organization committee, Dr. Jaerock Lee explained, 쁗hy Jesus is the only Savior with confidence. And there were more healing testimonies than Day 1. People stood up from wheelchairs, threw away their crutches, took off glasses, and stood free from pains. The healing testimonies continued in ICC till late evening.

* It was broadcast to 220 countries, and resolved the long lasting drought in Israel!

The 2009 Israel Multi-Cultural Festival took place in Jerusalem for 2 consecutive days and was broadcast live by 28 TV stations including GCN, CNL, TBN Russia, Enlace. Five other TV stations such as Daystar of USA broadcast the recording of the festival to 220 nations.

Before leaving Korea, Dr. Jaerock Lee heard about the long lasting drought in Israel, and he prayed for it. At the festival in a live broadcast he prayed to God again to send rain to Israel.

After the festival, it rained in northern Israel. Of special note, there was a great amount of rain in September which is a dry season. This news was covered by 쁔he Jerusalem Post, and spread to the whole world through Internet and satellite.




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