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“The Providence of God will be surely accomplished” Our church’s 4 visions for 2022 have b
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At the General Assembly held online after the Sunday Evening Service on December 26, 2021, the Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee proclaimed the four visions that our church would accomplish in 2022, on behalf of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. ...

The 22nd “Kimchi Sharing” helped neighbors in need receive kimchi

Manmin News   No. 663
December 22, 2019

From November 19 to 20, the Women’s United Mission conducted ‘Kimchi Sharing’.

For this 22nd Kimchi Sharing, Members from Women’s Mission, Chinese Parish and church Levite workers worked together.

The kimchi was delivered to some church members and neighbors in need through Shindaebang 2-Dong Community Service Center, and Kuro Rehab Center. Hee-Jung Ahn, the head of Women’s Society in Shindaebang 2-Dong said, “This kimchi is made by Manmin Church members. Thank you for this good-tasting kimchi. It is also great in quantity. I am also thank you for the rice Manmin church provides every month.”

Again this year, Senior Deaconess Mal-jin Kim (69) provided 2,200 heads of napa cabbage for kimchi out of her gratitude for God’s grace. When her grandson, Jaewoo Lee (now 15) was a toddler, he fell face first into frying pan filled with hot oil and burned his face. But after receiving Dr. Jaerock Lee’s emergent prayer, he was healed, and there’s no sign of the burning on his face.




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