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[Feature Story] Missionary works are going well even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic
New Update
Dear Manmin members! First, I give thanks to the Lord for leading us, and to you who have been praying for missionary works in Russia for a long time. It is more difficult to proclaim the Gospel than before, due to the emergence of new legislations which persecute churches. ...

The Year of 2020, May God bless you! I pray for Manmin.

Manmin News   No. 666
February 16, 2020

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, (Chairman, Helping Hand Coalition for Israel Forum)

I and my family keep Manmin Church in our prayers in such uneasy time.

I will never forget and will never stop to be thankful, that after prayer of Pastor Jaerock Lee, Bozena ? my wife was healed from her pain and spine disorders, and that after his and Pastor Soojin Lee셲 prayers, Sarah ? my daughter-in-law, get healed from severe breast cancer.

Pastor Mark Bazalev (World Holiness Center, USA)

Happy New Year from World Holiness Center in USA! I셫 grateful for your prayer and love for us.
I believe in God셲 vision and providence for Dr. Jaerock Lee and the holiness gospel. I still remember his humbleness and sacrifice, and pray for him. I will always walk together with Manmin.

Pastor Alexandr Samonov (Bishop, Kaliningrad, Russia)

Greetings in 2020, the new year! I pray for Manmin who is facing the hardship, and I am with Manmin who is overcoming it with faith and loyalty.

The church God Himself set up will win victory, and the darkness will fall away. I am with Manmin셲 vision, and I will all the more participate in Manmin Ministry.

Pastor Arah Kokojaner (Christian Family Church, Armenia)

Dear Manmin members! Happy New Year! First of all, I셝 like to thank you for your precious ministry.

I believe in God, and I am with Manmin셲 ministry that accomplishes God셲 ministry with His power. I pray that you may overcome all of difficulties and bear abundant fruit.




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