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The 2022 Feast of Harvest celebration worship and the Holy Communion 쏧n order to bear bea
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Our church held the Feast of the Harvest Sunday service and the Holy Communion on July 3, while it was broadcast live worldwide through GCN TV ( In the Sunday Morning Service, Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee셲 video sermon entitled... ...

Dr. Jaerock Lee's Honduras Crusade Featured in Global Christianity in the Twentieth Century

Manmin News   No. 128
October 05, 2008

Global Christianity in the Twentieth Century, published on June 1, 2008 by Augsburg Fortress in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., featured photographs and relevant information from "The 2002 Honduras Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Dr. Jaerock Lee."
An academic work that delved into the history of Christianity throughout the 20th century by denomination and continent, in a chapter entitled "Pentecostalism in Latin America" Global Christianity noted "They are poor and do not have the financial resources to pay for expensive medical services. They are also denizens of nations lacking adequate social health institutions. They came to attend a healing crusade with anxious hope in their hearts that they might become beneficiaries of merciful divine power."
Augsburg Fortress is widely known as the official publishing house of academic works and seminary textbooks for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).




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