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쁔he Divine Healing Meeting to meet and experience God
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On May 27, at 11 pm during the Friday All-night Service, the 쁃ivine Healing Meeting for the sick was held non-face-to-face while being broadcast live around the world through satellite, YouTube, and the Internet through GCN TV( ...

The fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me when receiving the prayer online, and I got healed!

Manmin News   No. 691
April?11, 2021

Mrs. Boknim Lee, the speaker of 쁳he Online Divine Healing Meeting, praying for participating believers

쏮y son who has a speech disorder doesn셳 stammer.

Dulce Nave (Age 28, Mexico)

My son Isai was born premature. He stammered and couldn셳 speak correctly. His doctor suggested me to have him tested but I decided to solve all problems by faith and entrusted God with his healing.

Meanwhile I was told of the online healing meeting and prayed earnestly to be healed at the meeting.

I shed tears while I was hearing Mrs. Boknim Lee셲 message and resolved to be sanctified. And I prayed to God for my son셲 healing with my all. When Mrs. Lee started praying, I tightly held my son and received her prayer.

I found him sleeping after meeting and I had no chance to check his condition. Next day, I saw him speaking a correct sentence.

쏧 don셳 need any medicines and inhalers any longer.

Sita Masih (Age 33, India)

I had allergies in my lung for more than 2 years and it bothered me a lot. When I drank cold drinks or ate cold food, I coughed and felt suffocating. I suffered from difficulty with breathing 4 or 5 times a day and carried the medicine and inhaler.

A YouTube channel introduced me about GCNTV Hindi and I heard the messages of Rev. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. As I received his prayer for the sick, the number of using the inhaler was reduced to twice or 3 times.

Days ago I heard there would be a healing meeting. And I was overwhelmed because I thought it would be a chance for the answer. I attended the online meeting with anticipation.

When Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed for the sick with the handkerchief of power(Act 19:11-12) I repented in tears. Since then, I have had no problem with drinking cold water, and my breath settled. I don셳 need the medicines and inhalers.

쏷ic disorders and uncontrollable movements of neck muscles were healed.

Carlos Delgado (Age 29, Chile)

I had tic disorders in my neck for a long time. My neck muscles moved unwantedly. It was repetitive movement and bothered me a lot.

I prayed to get healed at the Divine Healing Meeting and prepared for the healing with all my heart. During the period, it improved little by little. While Mrs. Boknim Lee was praying, she said, 쏷ick disorders, be healed!. When I heard the word, I was confident that I had been healed. Since then, the disorders have disappeared. I am good and happy now.

쏷he pain due to aftereffects of surgery disappeared and I walk well.

Kamlesh Nadyu (Age 28, India)

I had 2 surgeries after I met an accident 8 months ago. After that, I felt pains in my leg and back when I walked. I surfed YouTube looking for the prayer for the sick and found GCNTV Hindi.

I called GCNTV HINDI셲 office and heard about the Online Divine Healing Meeting on March 14th. And I attend it.

When Mrs. Lee prayed for the sick, I felt fire in my body and the pains in the leg and back disappeared. I came to walk properly.

쏧 couldn셳 walk well due to an ankle sprain but now walk well.

Leticia Cachay (Age 21, Peru)

I couldn셳 walk well due to my right ankle sprain. When I received Mrs. Boknim Lee셲 prayer, I felt heat. After the prayer, my ankle felt numb. But soon it was relieved and I could walk well.

쏛 severe itching skin allergy was healed.

Ayushi (Age 13, India)

I began to have a skin allergy 3 or 4 weeks ago. I had unbearable itchiness. As I scratched badly, the wound spread. After I received Mrs. Lee셲 prayer at the meeting, the symptom disappeared and I don셳 feel itchiness any more.

쏛ll the pain in my body disappeared and my life is full of energy.

Eveling Ramos (Age 36, USA)

For a long time, I have always had a lot of pain, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and fatigue from hormonal abnormalities. But when I received prayer at the Divine Healing Meeting, the fire of the Holy Spirit came to me, and then, I felt different. The pain disappeared, and I felt light and strengthened. I don셳 feel fatigue but I셫 full of energy even if I wake up early in the morning. This is so amazing to me.

Watching the recorded Divine Healing Meeting, I experienced the Holy Fire again, and after that, my stomach became comfortable and my whole body was strengthened.

쏮y headache, acne, and stomach cramps have been healed.

Felix Arenas (Age 16, Colombia)

When I was praying for the fullness of the Holy Spirit at the Divine Healing Meeting, I had severe headache. But, as I prayed harder, my whole body became very hot and I sweated a lot. When I ended my prayer, my headache almost disappeared.

After that, when Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed for the sick, I placed my hand on my chest and received the prayer with faith. I wanted to get an answer about acne problem on my back, stomach cramps, and difficult bowel movements.
After receiving prayer, I confirmed that the acne on my back disappeared significantly, and the problem of stomach cramps as well as bowel movements has bene resolved. I have no problem, now.

쏧 am healed of depression.

Pawan (Age 48, India)

As the economic and other hardships continued due to COVID-19, I even felt depression and the urge to commit suicide. My stomach was also infected, so I couldn셳 eat because of pain. It was also difficult to walk.

While looking for prayer for the sick through YouTube, I found, 쏡r. Jaerock Lee셲 prayer for the sick on GCNTV HINDI channel, and received that prayer. At this time, my wife also received the prayer, and she experienced her abdominal pain disappearing.

When I received the prayer of Mrs. Boknim Lee, the preacher of the Divine Healing Meeting, my body vibrated and my whole body was hot. After that, my abdominal pain disappeared. Then, I came to eat well and walk well. Of course, depression is also cured, so I feel comfortable and happy.

쏮y vision improved and I can see well now.

Lusiya Dan (Age 25, India)

My vision became bad from typhoid fever. However, through the GCNTV HINDI channel that I learned about a month ago, I heard that the Divine Healing Meeting would be held. As I prepared for the meeting, I had a time of repentance and grace a lot while listening to the words of life that clearly explain things such as why Jesus Christ is our Savior, the cause of diseases and how to be healed, and what sin is.

When Mrs. Boknim Lee, the preacher of the Divine Healing Meeting prayed for the sick with the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-12), I asked God for forgiveness of my sins. After that, my vision improved to my surprise, and now I can see well.




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