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My daughter Natalie started to get sick in 2007 when she was 10. Although we had been to several hospitals, we could not find the name of her disease. Then, Natalie fell in a coma, and she was diagnosed with meningitis and tuberculosis. ...

The Lord save me from the threat of death caused by sudden heart attack

Manmin News   No. 692
April 25, 2021

Elder Angwan Jung (15th Parish, Age 68)

I collapsed on my way to work and lost consciousness in the morning of February 22nd. A passerby called 119 and my heart had stopped when the paramedics arrived. My heart was beating again as a first aid. But it had stopped again when I arrived at the hospital.

I had to have surgery immediately due to acute myocardial infarction, so the doctor called my wife who was in a hurry and asked for her consent to immediate surgery. And the surgery started. She first informed Pastor Shinhyun Moon, my parish pastor, and he prayed for me.

After the surgery, I was taken to the ICU unconscious. The doctor told my family that if I didn셳 return to consciousness within 3 days, I could die, and even if I woke up, I could have a 50% probability of becoming a vegetable.

After hearing that, my wife sent my picture to Pastor Miyoung Lee, my Great Parish Pastor, to receive her prayer and asked her to ask Pastor Soojin Lee to pray for me. And she asked the parish members and the executives of Elders Association to pray for me too.

I returned to consciousness in the morning of Feb. 24th, which was the third day of the surgery by the grace of the Lord and quickly recovered my health. The ICU nurses were surprised at my quick recovery which was not like their expectation.

Eventually I was discharged from the hospital in 10 days after I was hospitalized and now I am working normally and staying healthy. All thanks and glory to Father God who allowed me, who had no choice but to die, to live a new life!




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