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“Pain for 9 years from frequent nosebleeds has disappeared in a moment.”
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I had frequent nosebleeds after I had a car accident 9 years ago. Even when I was driving, walking on the street, or talking to people, my nose bled and there was always blood on my clothes. Sometimes, I had to hold onto the toilet and wait until my nosebleed stopped. ...

Blessed in spirit and body while reading Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books

Manmin News   No. 693
May 09, 2021

“I can read letters now.”

Deacon Sanghyun Moon (4th Parish, Age 57)

20 years ago, while I was working on a mold design, the retina was severely damaged by electromagnetic waves, so I couldn’t see things straight. I could barely recognize it by turning my eyes around. So even though I wanted to read a book I couldn’t read it.

I can recognize only white was paper and black was letters. I couldn’t read them at all. I heard the Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign was being held, but I couldn’t even try to do it. However, my Parish Pastor recommended an audiobook, “Love is the fulfillment of the Law”. I heard it and an amazing thing happened to me.

I can see the boiler sensor light, which were not visible at all before. In my room, I could see the boiler sensor light in the living room, and I could see that light when I looked straight ahead. Also, I was frustrated because I couldn’t see the rainbows in pictures, but now I can see them.

Now, I can read books. I finished reading “The Message of the Cross”, and “Tasting Eternal Life before Death” and now I’m reading “Heaven”.

“I learned how to read Korean, which was my lifetime wish.”

Deaconess Youngshim Kwak (1st Parish, Age 81)

I couldn’t go to school, so I didn’t know how to read letters. Even though I lived a diligent Christian life, one thing that always bothered me was the fact that I couldn’t read the Bible. Because of this, I always felt frustrated and troubled.

However, the moment I heard about the Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign, I thought I would challenge myself, and I was happy. While singing praise, I read a book by connecting the letters I had learned one by one. So, it took quite a while to read one book. Still, if there were any letters I didn’t know, I prayed to God the Father for grace so that I could read them and kept reading the book.

But at some point, I began to read the letters. The reading speed increased little by little, and I finally read 10 books thanks to the grace of God the Father.

After I completed reading them, not only was I so grateful and proud, but I also gained confidence. I am grateful to God the Father for making my lifelong wish come true.

“My desire has been answered.”

Deaconess Minwha Lee (1st Chinese Parish, Age 64)

I was so happy when I heard the news of “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign”.
Although it was hard to sit down because of back pain, but I loudly read his books with the heart of obedience.
Reading “Measure of Faith” added to the longing for sanctification. And reading “Heaven”, I was greatly comforted by God’s love for preparing the beautiful heaven for His children. I was grateful to be able to be armed with the spiritual messages.
God blessed me that I did not feel sleepy or tired at all, even if I couldn’t sleep enough because I read books. And at some moment when I read the books, I had a strange experience that I didn’t feel any back pain. Not long after reading all the 10 books in a week, God answered my heart’s desire, too.
The house that was put up for sale was sold at a good price. Before that, few people came to see the house, but the deal was made so quickly by the grace of God.

“I became desperate for sanctification and full of hope for heaven.”

Deaconess Sungsook Lee (2nd Chinese Parish, Age 50)

It’s been a long time since I registered as a church member, but I didn’t have much affection for church duties or the hope for heaven. In the meantime, I participated in the Bible Reading Campaign hosted by my parish and finished reading the Bible in a month. And then, I heard the news of “Senior Pastor’s Book Reading Campaign.” I immediately started reading his books and finished reading 10 books.
I lost track of time and read his books and made a pledge to take a better place in heaven and I developed love for church duties and passion for saving souls.
Reading “Spirit, Soul and Body”, I realized my life sought for flesh. When I read “Heaven”, I decided to diligently circumcise my heart. And when I read “Hell”, I felt that I should evangelize people diligently thinking about the pain in hell.
I hated those who made mistakes and wanted them to change. But I realized that I hated them because of evil in my heart, and that I needed to change first. Even now, I spend every day full of the Holy Spirit reading his books.




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