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쏡ragonflies flew softly and sat down, and we were happy with the love of the Lord.
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쏡ragonflies flew softly and sat down, and we were happy with the love of the Lord. ...

The promises of God are certainly fulfilled.

Manmin News   No. 694
May 23, 2021

But sometimes the times that God wants
and the time that men want can be different.
In men셲 eyes, it looks like it is delayed,
but in the view of God, it is done
at the most appropriate point in time.
When we believe God until the end
without changing, He gives us
more amazing fruits of blessings
than we expect.
He makes what we have believed
become reality.

We have prayed everyday
to achieve our visions such as,
쁝 church that arises and shines and
쁝 sanctuary that reveals the glory of God
to the whole world.
Sometimes it was like thorny road,
and at other times it was like we were standing
at the edge of a cliff.
We were afflicted in every way,
being unable to see just an inch ahead.
If the plan of God for us was
just to spread the gospel all over the world
and just build a big sanctuary,
we would have already accomplished it
by now.
But what God really wants is
the fruit of human cultivation,
which is born in through a process.
Building the Grand Sanctuary at the end time
means that there is a sufficient number of
God셲 true children.
It means God has fulfilled
the purpose of cultivating human beings.

Our world evangelism is a kind of ministry
that moves the freewill of people
who are deeply stained by evil
to provide them with a chance of salvation.
To fulfill such providence,
God led us to prepare our vessel in precise plans.

From Dr. Jaerock Lee셲 sermon, 쏷reasure of Treasures is Faith




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