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Thanksgiving Sunday Worship and the Online Holy Communion
New Update
In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, our church held a Thanksgiving service and the Holy Communion on Sunday, November 21, to give thanks to God for blessing us to reap abundant fruit in the Lord from everything we planted in faith and did throughout the year. ...

Overseas Branch Churches glorified God with their special praise

Manmin News   No. 697
July 04, 2021

At the evening service, special praises which have been filmed and sent by the overseas branch church members are giving grace to the believers who셱e attending the service both on-site and online. They made use of local characteristics for their praises and worship dances, which impressed the believers very much.
Starting with Pastor Dmitry Petrovsky from Israel on April 18, the choir of Kinsha Manmin Church in D.R. Congo, the choir of Saint Petersburg Manmin Church in Russia, Moldava Manmin, the members of 6 Deaf-mute Manmin Churches in Malaysia, Pastor Oleg Hajin from Israel, and the worship team of Colombia Manmin Church, the members of overseas branch churches glorified God with their special praises. (Pictures on page 3)

Special Praise videos from other countries

Pastor Dmitri Petrovsky from Israel

Pastor Oleg Hajin from Israel

Mongolia Manmin Church Dance Team

Moldova Manmin Church Praise Team

Heavenly Glory Team of Colombia Manmin Church

Choir of Saint Petersburg Manmin Church in Russia

6 Deaf-mute Manmin Church members in Malaysia

Choir of Kinshasa Manmin Church in D.R. Congo




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