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쏮y mother who was sentenced to death at the hospital is recovering after receiving prayer
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My mother (Age 50, Nemwati Devi) suffered a brain hemorrhage 5 years ago and her health deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital in march 2022. She couldn셳 move her body at all, and she couldn셳 speak. Then, last July she was unconscious. ...

I am healed of panic disorder and depression.

Manmin News   No. 697
July 04, 2021

Mauricio Sanchez (Age 37, Santander Spain)

My faith, which was firm when I started my Christian life, cooled down over time and eventually I fell into temptations of the world.
Then one day, I had severe anxiety and fell to the floor. And I felt like I had a heart attack. From that time on, I suffered from panic disorder, but the symptoms disappeared when I repented clinging to God for healing. However, I quickly forgot the grace of God who healed me, and I fell into the temptations again. I rationalized my weakness, thinking 쁈 can셳 help it.
But after a while, panic disorder and depression got worse. Only then did I thoroughly look back on myself and repent, and I had to make more efforts than ever to restore my faith.
In the meantime, I heard Mrs. Boknim Lee would lead the On-line Latin America Healing Meeting and I was delighted with confidence that I could be healed.
But soon, the forces of darkness disturbed my thought and mind, not to be able to attend the meeting. So, I prepared myself for the meeting by fasting.
My family and I decided to restore our relationships with God at the day of Divine Healing Meeting, March 8th. I attended the meeting at dawn because of the time difference, and I felt the coolness and peace which filled my body and my whole house. It was like God was touching me and my heart felt very relieved and refreshed.
That night, I was able to sleep deeply after a long time, feeling the peace of the Holy Spirit. It felt as if my soul had woken up from sleep, and I was given a strong desire to pray. My Christian life was filled with the Holy Spirit again as before.
Senior Pastor, Dr. Jaerock Lee said, 쏽ou shouldn셳 stop circumcising your heart. You should finish your adoration as a bride of the Lord and preserved the pureness until the day the Lord comes. I had forgotten the words of God but the Holy Spirit prayed for me and led me back to the Lord.
The Online Divine Healing Meeting was amazing. It is because the works of the Holy Spirit, which take place in Manmin beyond time and space, give strength to Christians who live in the end time. Having restored my normal life, I am being renewed everyday by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!




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