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“Pain for 9 years from frequent nosebleeds has disappeared in a moment.”
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I had frequent nosebleeds after I had a car accident 9 years ago. Even when I was driving, walking on the street, or talking to people, my nose bled and there was always blood on my clothes. Sometimes, I had to hold onto the toilet and wait until my nosebleed stopped. ...

“The bad habit in my body was fixed in an instant”

Manmin News   No. 698
July 18, 2021

Deaconess Youngsook Bang(Age 52, the 20th Parish)

I have had a habit of biting my nails since I was a kid. When I was anxious, the symptoms got worse. It got even worse when I was under the stress of having to perform sales at the company. As a result, the shape of my nails became strange and sometimes even bleeding, so I tried to change this habit, but failed within a day.
I tried artificial nails, but my nails were too short to attach them easily. Even If they were attached, I kept biting them unconsciously.
However, not long after I started to attend “the 2nd Senior Pastor’s book reading campaign’, I suddenly thought, ‘Should I grow my mails?’ Since then, I didn’t even want to bite my nails, and I found myself not biting my nails all of a sudden. What a surprise!

As I have never been able to grow my nails before, it is very surprising that my nails are growing well for nearly two months now.
Reading the Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books, I came to understand the flow of the Bible, and I realized that I was so ignorant both physically and spiritually. I regretted and felt sorry for not reading them before.
As I remembered the words that the Senior Pastor Dr. Lee emphasized over and over again, I was grateful for the love that he always enlightened people like me.
I give all thanks and glory to Father God, who not only gave me spiritual blessings but also healed my bad habit that I could not change with my own will, through the “Senior Pastor’s book reading campaign”.




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