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God performed extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out(Acts 19:11-12). Even today, God the Father is confirming that the Bible is true and God is alive by allowing the great and wonderful works of the Holy Spirit to be revealed through the handkerchief of power on which S ...

[Feature News] Kinshasa Manmin Church Online Divine Healing Meeting - Power of God, manifested in D.R. Congo through online!

Manmin News   No. 699
August?01, 2021

Speaker, Mrs. Boknim Lee

On the last Sunday, June 27, at 8 pm (12 pm in local time), the 쏫inshasa Manmin Church Online Divine Healing Meeting was held with the speaker, Mrs. Boknim Lee, director of Manmin Prayer Center.
It was broadcast live by connecting the main sanctuary of our church with the Kinshasa Manmin Church셲 sanctuary and the branch sanctuaries, and when Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12), many believers were divinely healed. They came to the altar to testify to their healings and glorified God.

Mazingo Gloldi Chico (Age 26) - Healed of severe pulmonary tuberculosis and hemorrhoids

Gloria (Age 19) - Healed of severe headache and eye pain from Malaria

Sakina (Age 71) - Healed of vision loss and leg pain due to stoke

Emilline (Age 45) - Recovered her vision and came to read even small letters

Botula Gabriel (Age 78) - Healed of high blood pressure and diabetes

Kilunda Deska (Age 32) - Healed of hemorrhoids, hernias, and back pain

Pauline (70) - Healed of lethargy, and right hand and arm pain

Natali Putu (Age 26) - Healed of eye pain and recovered vision

Mutela (Age 40) - Healed of arthritis and came to walk well

Sona Madeline (Age 70) - Healed of stomach disease and leg pain




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