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“As I have true faith through the word of life, blessings overflow both physically and spi
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Back in 2014, I was going through a lot of hardships. Also, despite being a Pastor, I was very thirsty because of unresolved spiritual doubts, and I had no assurance of salvation. ...

“My life is nothing without God’s work”

Manmin News   No. 699
August?01, 2021

Deacon Bongbae Kim (Age 56, the 20th Parish)

One day in 1998, my wife received ‘Manmin News’ placed on the plate with pancakes from some people. Even at that time, the members of the church made pancakes and delivered ‘Manmin News’ to preach.
After reading ‘Manmin News’, my wife believed 100% of God’s word and many testimonies contained in it, and she wanted to visit Manmin Central Church with such words and works of God. So, I drove her to Manmin Church for the Friday All-night Service.
At that time, many members were diligently walking towards the church, and they seemed very happy. I felt that Manmin Church is a very gracious and Holy Spirit-filled church. On that that, my wife became the flock of Manmin, and two days later, I began to attend Manmin Church with her.
Afterwards, listening to sermon tapes of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee, such as “the Message of the Cross”, I got to know God’s will one by one, and it was interesting to live a Christian life. However, I wondered why the church members were following the Senior Pastor so much. I was wondering what kind of person Dr. Lee is. So, I diligently attended the meetings with him.

The members came to him with various problems and received his prayer. The Senior Pastor always preached God’s love and His living works so that the members could receive answers from God, and he tried to plant faith to them by all means. Senior Pastor Dr. Lee’s attitude towards the members was always the same from the beginning to the end. He was gentle, and he was like a caring and loving father.
After receiving prayers from Dr. Lee, the members who experienced answers and blessings glorified God with their testimonies. As these good works continued to take place, after I met him, I came to love the Father God and the Lord all the more, and the hope of heaven has increased. So, it was natural for you to follow him.
Among them, what I still remember vividly is that an 8-month-old baby who had a face burn from boiling oil received prayers from Dr. Jaerock Lee, and scabs were formed on his face and head within 6 days, and he was healed without scars in about 3 weeks. As I saw this work of God firsthand, the fact that God is alive and works Himself was engraved in my heart.
Not only this, but also our family was blessed to experience the amazing power of God, such as being healed of diseases and being saved from accidents. My eldest daughter was in pain from excretion from both ears whenever she caught a cold. But she was completely healed after receiving Dr. Lee’s prayer. My mother, who was suffering form pain in her legs, sprinkled Mu-an Sweet water (Ex. 15:25) and was healed. Through this, she came to attend church together with my father.
Also, I have received the wonderful grace of being protected from a serious accident while working. It happened when I was making a concrete box during the underground driveway construction. I accidentally stepped on the wrong foot and fell from a height of 4.5 meters, momentarily fainting. When I woke up, I saw that my arms were clasped one by one on a beam that was shaped like an “L”. It was so close.
If I had had just fallen to the concrete floor, some part of my body would have been broken or I would have died. It was amazing how my arms were open and I was able to hang on beam at that time. I can’t explain it except that God protected me.

When my family first came to church, we lived in a semi-basement with a deposit of 15 million won. While living my Christian life, I had been faithful as a church leader, and I prayed to God the Father, saying, “Please give me a place where 30 people can gather and pray.”
However, in 2000, I could buy a house in Cheolsan-dong through an auction. In fact, it was really surprising that I bought this house with a small amount of money that my father had lent me. I placed my hand on the auction paper and received Dr. Jaerock Lee’s recorded prayer for the sick, and I was able to get the house by winning the bid alone.
Moreover, the house was redeveloped and sold for about 30 times higher than the deposit in 2020, so, I was able to pay off all the debts I had. Also, I was able to successfully find a new house to move to, which was prepared by God the Father. Hallelujah!
Likewise, there is nothing in my life except for the work of God. I can feel God the Father is always leading my family. That is why I always say, “Father God, help me. Without Your help, there is nothing I can do.” I give all thanks and glory to Father God, who is the master of my life.




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