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Until the providence of God for all peoples around the world is fulfilled - Glory to God o
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Manmin Central church, which has been established under the motto ‘Arise, shine’ on October 10, 1982, celebrated its 39th anniversary. On July 25, 1982, the church was opened with 13 members including 4 children in the temple of less than 33 square meters and the establishment service was offered on October 10 of that year. ...

“Fulfilling the Providence of God with Deeds of Faith and Truth” The 39th Church Opening Anniversary Celebration Worship Service and Event

Manmin News   No. 700
August 15, 2021

In celebration of the 39th church opening anniversary, our church held a celebration worship service and event on July 25, which were broadcast live through GCN and Internet.
The worship service was conducted non-face-to-face in accordance with the Government's quarantine regulations. At the morning worship service, Dr. Jaerock Lee's video sermon entitled, 'Who is worthy to be glorified' (Isaiah 42:8) allowed us to look back on the works of God's power in the history of Manmin, and we gave thanks and glory to the God of love who has been with us through wonders, signs, and answers, and who harbored all peoples of the world into His arms.
At the celebration service that began at 3 PM, the Acting Senior Pastor, Dr. Soojin Lee preached a sermon entitled, 'The character produces hope'(Romans 5:3~4). Dr. Lee said, “Manmin, that has overcome many trials only with faith and the Word and grown to fulfill its hopes until now since the church’s opening, is now having time of refinements in order to fulfill the great hope of building the Great Sanctuary and the mission of saving countless souls in the last days, and of entering the New Jerusalem. Just as the Senior Pastor Dr. Lee has fulfilled hopes by turning any trials into blessings only with faith, obedience, goodness and love, we must also receive God's great blessings and fulfill His providence for Manmin through the deeds of faith and truth.”

The celebration event after the worship service was conducted with a pre-recorded performance video. An impressive stage unfolded in the order of the string ensemble's performance, Deaconess Seungwon Seo's praise, and Kyung-Ae Seo's dance. And a congregational praise was followed under the lead of Deaconess Seungwon Seo. Domestic and foreign members who participated online gave thanks and glory to the Father God of love, praising together.

Celebration Event(pre-recorded)




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