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“Chronic constipation and facial muscle spasm were cured. My family is now healthy.”
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I had chronic constipation as a result of taking various diet pills 20 years ago. I usually had a bowel movement every 4 or 5 days, so I always felt heavy in the stomach and it felt like full of gas. I felt lethargic. In the meantime, I heard the news about the online divine healing meeting, and I prepared to get healed with prayer. ...

“I’m running today towards my dream!”

Manmin News   No. 700
August 15, 2021

Daniel Biwesa Kashama(Age 19, Foreigners’ Parish)

Daniel, known to the church members as a gold medalist in the men’s 100m race at the 2018 and 2019 Manmin Summer Retreat.
He started track and field when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school, but he was able to participate in the national competition only after acquiring Korean nationality by the grace of the Lord in the 3rd year of middle school. After two years of initiation, Daniel became the top among high school players. He who is called the ‘future of Korean athletics’ says that his first goal is to represent Korea.

2019 Manmin Summer Retreat’s Athletic Meet.

Daniel and his mother Deaconess Virginia who won gold medals respectively at Men’s 100m dash and Women’s arm wrestling in the 2019 Manmin Summer Retreat’s Athletic Meet.

I have loved running since I was little, and I have grown my dream while participating in athletic competitions as a representative of my school and of Ansan City. However, although I was born and raised in Korea, my parents were citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, so I could not have Korean citizenship. This made it difficult to participate in the competitions, and I was only able to participate in the Ansan City competition, not the national competition. So, I had no choice but to go to a regular middle school. For me, acquiring Korean nationality has always been a prayer topic.
I’ve been growing up as a Christian in Manmin since my birth. My mother has always been an example of prayer for me, and she says that we should pray in everything we do and that we should put God first in life. She also wanted me to become a Korean citizen so that I could fulfill my dream. Even in difficult circumstances, she always tried to become naturalized by relying on God and receiving the prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee.
Finally, in early August 2018, when I was in my third year of middle school, my mother succeeded in naturalization after a long wait, and I was able to acquire Korean citizenship. It was even more meaningful because I won a gold medal in the men’s 100m dash for the first time at the Manmin Summer Retreat at that time.
Moreover, by winning first place in both the Ansan Athletics Championships held in August and September in that year, I was connected with the current coach and entered Wongok High School in 2019 as a special athletic student and was able to receive specialized athletics training. I had a late start, but thanks to the grace of the Lord, I was able to achieve good results in various competitions.
In June 2020, I won first place in the men’s 100m youth semifinals of the 74th National Athletics Competition and reached the final, but had to drop out of the event due to an unexpected leg muscle injury. The doctor said, “Don’t compete in this year’s competition.” However, I prayed earnestly to God because I had to pass the final that year to participate in competitions in the next season.
In Joy of that year, the men’s high school 100m final of the 48th KBS Cup National Athletics Competitions was held. Although the pain caused by the injury was not completely resolved, I relied on God to run the game. In the middle of the match, I received Dr. Jaerock Lee’s recorded prayer, and my heart was at peace. As a result, not only did I run well without any problems, but also the record which was 10.95 before the competition was reduced to 10.69.
In addition, I August, I won another medal at the men’s high school 400m sprint finals of the 49th Fall National Junior High School Track and Field Competitions. Even at this time, I was not feeling well, so I prayed and received the recorded prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee. After receiving the prayer, my physical condition improved surprisingly and I was able to run well.
In October, I won at the 41st National Provincial Athletics Competitions by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and also won at the 200m race where I first participated.

In June 2021, I participated in the 50th National Athletics Competitions and won at the high school 100m final with 10.441 seconds. I achieved a personal best by shortening the 10.69 seconds I mad last year. It was possible with the help of the Lord.
I am well aware of this grace, so when I wake up in the morning, I receive Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer and begin my day. I entrust my day to Father God by receiving Dr. Lee’s prayer three times a day, including before exercise and before going to bed. I also pray to help me to run with an unchanging mindset to glorify God.
My dream is to become a representative player of Korea. I want to be a person who always glorifies God with a humble heart. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who is my strength and help, and to the Lord of love.




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