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Manmin Central church, which has been established under the motto ‘Arise, shine’ on October 10, 1982, celebrated its 39th anniversary. On July 25, 1982, the church was opened with 13 members including 4 children in the temple of less than 33 square meters and the establishment service was offered on October 10 of that year. ...

“Word power up! Faith up! It was fun and happy!” ‘2021 Online Summer Bible School’ by Children’s Sunday School

Manmin News   No. 701
August 29, 2021

From July 31 to August 1, the Children’s Sunday School held the ‘2021 Summer Bible School’ online.
On July 31(Sat), at 11 am, there was a joint event called ‘Word power up! Faith up!’ and it was broadcast simultaneously on GCN TV and Manmin Children Channel on YouTube.
The event started with a prayer by Deaconess Jinhee Gong, the chief supporter of the Children's Sunday School, and the principal Pastor Seongsik Jang urged them to live a life of faith filled with the Holy Spirit, be always awake, through the message about the parable of the ten virgins, entitled, ‘Be Adorned Well as a Bride’(Matthew 25:1~4, 13).

▲ Pastor Seongsik Jang, Principal of Children’s Sunday School

In addition, there were various programs such as a special song of the guidance teachers and Sunday school teachers, the children's picture cards with the theme of Manmin's pride, and ‘Our Story’ which is children’s testimonies, and etc.

▲ With guidance teachers

▲ With the Children's Sunday School teachers

In particular, the children had time to praise the Lord passionately through ‘Happy Praise’, an edited video of the ‘Special Praise’ led by Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee.

▲ ‘Happy Praise’ (Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee)

At 2 pm of the same day, the ‘Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting for Family’ was held online with Mrs. Boknim Lee, director of Manmin Prayer Center as the speaker. Children from the central church in Seoul, branch churches and over 400 places in India participated through Zoom program. Children had a time of repentance and grace, received the filling of the Holy Spirit, and were healed of diseases.

▲ ‘Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting for Family’
(Mrs. Boknim Lee, Director of Manmin Prayer Center)

On August 1(Sunday), at 1:30 pm, each mission’s event was held online. Through various programs such as the puppet show, “David and Goliath” prepared by kindergarten teachers, the “Word Expedition” and “Happy Praise Festival” for preschool kids, and the “Bible Quiz” for elementary school students, they had a fun and happy time in the Lord.
Meanwhile, Children's Sunday School guidance teachers, supporters, and assistant teachers prepared for this event by praying together through online. In the meantime, they have been continuously meeting with children by actively engaging in non-face-to-face ministries through various online and video events using Zoom program.




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