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Manmin Central church, which has been established under the motto ‘Arise, shine’ on October 10, 1982, celebrated its 39th anniversary. On July 25, 1982, the church was opened with 13 members including 4 children in the temple of less than 33 square meters and the establishment service was offered on October 10 of that year. ...

‘2021 Manmin Praise Contest’

Manmin News   No. 701
August?29, 2021

On August 8(Sunday) at 1:30 pm, the ‘2021 Manmin Praise Contest’ was broadcast on GCN. It was held in compliance with the COVID-19 government quarantine guidelines, while the preliminary round was conducted by video judgment and the final was pre-recorded.

▲ Hye-eun Kim, the MC

For the participants, only the central church students were allowed to apply for soloists, and 10 out of 44 who passed the preliminary round through video judgment made it to the final.
As the result, the grand prize was awarded to Kwonneung Yoon (Young Adults’ Mission), the gold prize was awarded to Deaconess Hyungkyung Lee (Canaan Mission), and the silver prize was awarded to the Senior Deaconess Seongsook Lee (Women’s Mission), and the popularity award, which the members voted through online, was given to Deacon Kyungsoo Kim(Men’s Mission).
The award ceremony was held online during the evening service, and the winners were presented with a plaque and prize money.

▲ Grand Prize: Kwon-neung Yoon

▲ Gold Prize: Deaconess Hyungkyung Lee

▲ Silver Prize: Senior Deaconess Sungsook Lee

▲ Popularity Prize: Deacon Kyungsoo Kim

▲ Senior Deaconess Okhee Yu

▲ Eunhye Park

▲ Deaconess Misoon Yoon

▲ Deaconess Youngsoon Cho

▲ Deaconess A-young Jeon

▲ Senior Deaconess Jin Choi




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