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Manmin Central church, which has been established under the motto 쁀rise, shine on October 10, 1982, celebrated its 39th anniversary. On July 25, 1982, the church was opened with 13 members including 4 children in the temple of less than 33 square meters and the establishment service was offered on October 10 of that year. ...

Coram Deo

Manmin News   No. 702
September 12, 2021

There is a term called, 쏞oram Deo
in the theological terms.
It means 쐇n the presence of God.
It is derived from the word, 쁂oram Deo in Latin.
쁂oram means 쁞efore, 쁃eo means 쁆od.
These two words are combined
to make 쁞efore God.

If you really believe that God is watching you,
How will you act?
In the Old Testaments, Joseph said,
when Potiphar's wife tempted him,
쏦ow then could I do this great evil and sin
against God?
Because he believed
that God was watching his every move,
he didn셳 commit sin
and eventually received God셲 blessings.

Likewise, if we also live
with the heart and attitude
of 쁦n the presence of God,
we can quickly change
and go on the path of blessing.

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's Christian Column




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