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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Colombia Manmin Church
New Update
On April 25(Mon) 9 am(7 pm on 24th in local time), Colombia Manmin Church셲 10th Anniversary Service was held with the speaker, Pastor Mikyung Lee(Chairperson of the Pastors Association) while it was broadcast live around the world through GCN TV. ...

The 20th Bible Quiz was held online

Manmin News   No. 703
October 03, 2021

After the Sunday evening service on September 5th, the 20th Bible Quiz was held non-face-to-face. With 365 verses(July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) of the 쁗ord of the Day published on Church Weekly, the preliminary round was held online after the Sunday evening service on July 25, and 75 people in total competed at the final.
The final was held by four teams of the 1st Great Grand Parish & Chinese Great Parish, the 2nd Great Grand Parish, the 3rd Great Grand Parish, and Branch Churches, conducted simultaneously online using whiteboards. After going through each team final, 11 players competed at the final.
As a result, the grand prize went to Pastor Yoonjin Gwak(Salt & Light Mission), the gold prize to Deacon Hosong Jeon(Chinese Great Parish), the silver prize to Deaconess Gyehyun Ahn(Daejeon Manmin Church), and the bronze prize to Pastor Youngim Jeong(Children셲 Sunday School), Deaconese Gyehwa Jang(Chinese Great Parish), the encouragement prize to Deacon Kyungseok Goh(the 2nd Great Grand Parish), Senior Deaconess Hongran Park(the 2nd Great Grand Parish), and Deaconess Mija Jang(Chinese Great Parish). The 1st Grand Great Parish & Chinese Great Parish won the group prize.
Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee has been urging his church members to read at least one chapter of the Bible every day and memorize one verse of the Bible together to spiritually arm themselves with the Word. In response, the General Association of Men셲 Mission is holding the Bible Quiz every year, and this year marks its 20th event.

[Grand prize] Yoonjin Gwak

[Gold prize] Hosong Jeon

[Silver prize] Gyehyun Ahn

[Bronze prize] Youngim Jeong, Gyehwa Jang

[Encouragement prize] Kyungseok Goh, Hongran Park, Mija Jang




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