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“The Providence of God will be surely accomplished” Our church’s 4 visions for 2022 have b
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At the General Assembly held online after the Sunday Evening Service on December 26, 2021, the Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee proclaimed the four visions that our church would accomplish in 2022, on behalf of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. ...

“The Lord raised up my crippled daughter!”

Manmin News   No. 706
November 21, 2021

Wilter Nyaboke (Age 30, Nairobi Manmin Church, Ongata Rongai sanctuary, Kenya) / Wilter Nyaboke and her children

I have a son and three daughters, and two of my daughters are twins. However, Rebecca, one of the twins, started walking at her 9th month, while Kwamboka, the other couldn't walk.
At first, I thought that she was just late to begin to walk and it was the matter of time, but for over a year and a half, she couldn’t even stand upright, far from walking. I thought there was something wrong with her legs, and I took Kwamboka to the Matasia Hospital.
The doctor said she was born weak and if left in that condition, she would not be able to use her legs and would have to live with a disability for the rest of her life. There were no other treatment options except getting a massage at the hospital. It broke my heart to see my child suffering during the massage, but it was the best I could do. Time passed without any effect, and there was just a vague hope that she would get better over time.
In the meantime, I decided to rely on God completely, because only the Lord can make my child stand up. I prayed earnestly every day and fasted every Tuesday. In the end, God answered my prayer.
On October 15(Fri), after listening to the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon, which was aired on ‘Family TV’, I received his prayer for the sick on behalf of my child as usual, and God’s amazing work happened.
I received great grace from Dr. Lee’s sermon on that day, and I placed my hands on Kwamboka’s lap and received the prayer for the sick with an earnest heart. Then, the next morning, my son and eldest daughter told me that Kwamboka had walked on her own.
I couldn't believe it, so I woke Kwamboka who was sleeping and told her to walk. Indeed, she miraculously walked. She walked here and there. I offered up prayer of thanks to God with tears of joy. I thank the Lord for healing my daughter and I also thank the Senior Pastor Dr. Lee for praying for her.




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