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One day in 2008, I watched a pastor’s sermon through Enlace TV, and it was so gracious and impressive. He was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The sermon was unlike anything I had ever heard. It is because he told us how we could receive blessings from God and how important it was to sanctify our hearts. ...

“I was healed of the aftereffects of a high-voltage electric shock.”

Manmin News   No. 706
November 21, 2021

Brother Kamal Deep (Age 25, Haryana, India)

On August 5, while moving a rebar at a construction site, the rebar touched a high-voltage line and I got an electric shock.
I lost consciousness due to the electric shock of 11,000 volts, got a severe burn to my hands and legs, and was taken to a hospital.
I came to my senses after 12 hours, but I was unable to move because my arms and legs were stiff. I stammered when I spoke and I couldn’t even open my mouth well. To make matters worse, I couldn't afford my hospital bills, so I had to be discharged after two days. After that, I spent painful days depending on painkiller injections.

Meanwhile, I attended the ‘Holy Spirit Daniel Prayer Meeting’ led by Mrs. Boknim Lee, Director of Manmin Prayer Center on September 7, on ‘GCNTV HINDI’ channel YouTube. I felt the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the burning fire of the Holy Spirit when I received Mrs. Lee’s prayer online after repenting my transgressions of the past.
After that, something amazing happened. I came to speak well, and my body also came to move well. Hallelujah!
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who healed me.




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