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[Feature Story] Secret to quick answers, God-pleasing Prayer
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Above all, we should love God the Creator and the Lord who is our Savior, and pray with the love that fills our hearts. God is pleased with the prayer of love and gives us wonderful answers and blessings. ...

Thanksgiving for blessings

Manmin News   No. 707
December 05, 2021

There are people who are grateful
for small things,
while some others complain
even when they enjoy many things.
Just as we can find shade
even in midsummer with the scorching sun,
although we are in an environment
hard to overcome,
there are many conditions to be grateful for.
It depends how we think of it.

Try to find the conditions of thanks
in your daily life.
Then, God, who received
the incense of your heart,
will not only solve the problem,
but also repay you with blessings,
giving more conditions of thanks.

쏦e who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving
honors Me;
And to him who orders his way right
I shall show the salvation of God.
(Psalm 50:23)

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