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[Feature story] “I’m happy to become a missionary of Manmin.”
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Greetings from Estonia in the name of the Lord. Dr. Jaerock Lee and the workers of Manmin that I met were all faithful servants of God. In addition, we are always receiving grace through Manmin ministry. Not long ago, I was appointed as a missionary for Manmin. ...

[Feature Story] “Greetings in the name of the Lord!”

Manmin News   No. 710
January 23, 2022

Rev. Vladimir Osipov(President of the United Holiness Churches in Russia)

Many churches in Russia are having a hard time due to COVID-19 but my church as a family of Manmin is doing well without difficulties.
The pastors of Manmin churches in Russia are tied as one and are faithfully working at their respective place. Our denomination was formed based on the vision of the Senior Pastor and has been grown with his continuous support and prayer.
This year the 28th and 29th batch of the Missionary Seminary graduated and completed the participation in the field ministry. I will collect the 30th batch this year and continue to train leaders armed with the holiness gospel. There is a Bible teaching the holiness gospel run by Rev. Valerii Trenogin, and Rev. Aleksandr Samonov, and due to COVID-19, it’s operated with small group classes.
Our goal this year is to make the church in Kursk in central Russia firmer and to open a church in Anapa in southern Russia.
I am sorry that I could not visit the Central Church due to COVID-19.

Rev. Sergey Bocharnikov(Living Spirit Church, Nazareth, Israel)

Israel is also having a hard time in the situation of COVID-19 but thankfully it is allowed to gather together and worship at church on Sundays to some extent. So, we gather together and worship at the church.
We are also holding a prayer meeting online every week, and people from more than 10 countries are participating.
My church is doing many charitable works. We distributed clothes and groceries to neighbors in need, provided furniture and home appliances, and also repaired the places ourselves. School supplies were distributed to nearby school students and gifts were distributed to immigrants in need. In addition, we have created a pilgrimage program for new immigrants and help them visit Jerusalem and Galilee.

Above all, we have completed the foundation of our church building in the city of Afula around Nazareth. We are looking forward to completion of the sanctuary and praising the Lord together.

Missionary Aleksandr Tabaranu(Moldova Manmin Church)

There are many restraints on church ministry in Moldova but they cannot stop our passion for the Lord and ministry. We attend the Central Church’s worship on line on Fridays and Sundays and record them and play them at our church’s worship service. After Sunday services, the members who long for spirit gather, drink some tea, and share grace talking about the message they heard that day, and add to the hope of New Jerusalem. We pray fervently at Daniel Prayer Meeting every day and participate in the 21-day Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting with one mind.
Our official YouTube channel has already thousands of subscribers. The believers not only in Moldova, but also from other Russian-speaking countries are participating, and they sent prayer requests in real time, or even send thanks offerings.
Also, through my personal YouTube channel, I’m uploading 10-minute long message of the holiness gospel, which is currently in two languages: Russian and Romanian. Interesting topics, such as ‘Why is Jesus the only Savior?’, the number of views exceeded 10,000, and other videos usually have more than 1,000 views. Moldova Manmin Church will move forward vigorously with a vision of growth in faith and church revival this year.




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