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쁔he Divine Healing Meeting to meet and experience God
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On May 27, at 11 pm during the Friday All-night Service, the 쁃ivine Healing Meeting for the sick was held non-face-to-face while being broadcast live around the world through satellite, YouTube, and the Internet through GCN TV( ...

2021 Excellence Award

Manmin News   No. 714
March 27, 2022

2021 Excellence Award Ceremony was held at Sunday Evening Service on February 27 non-face-to-face.
The winners are workers who have achieved church revival or have been recognized for their achievements in each field by faithfully carrying out their God-given duty in the Lord for one year.
21 district leaders, sub-district leaders, cell leaders, volunteering workers, and full-time workers were awarded on this day.
As district leaders, Senior Deaconess Hyesun Kim(6th Parish, Elder Youngjoon Park(9th Parish), Hyesun Jeong(15th Parish), and Senior Deaconess Youngsook Jang (Chinese Parish), as sub-district leaders, Elder Hyuksoo Choi(9th Parish), Senior Deaconess Hyeran Lim(15th Parish), and Deacon Gyehwa Ju(Chinese Parish), as cell leaders, Okhee Kim(3rd Parish), Songja Song(6th Parish), Eunhye Lee(7th Parish), Sang-gu Kang(9th Parish), Yeon Kim(15th Parish), Okja Kim(16th Parish), Okja Choi(Chinese Parish), and Deaconess Hongryeong Wang(Chinese Parish) received awards.
In the evangelism field, Deaconess Sookbang Jang(Chinese Parish) was awarded, and Deacon Eunsook Kim(Chinese Parish supporter), Deacon Youngmin Yoo(Manmin Volunteers, Parking Service), Senior Deaconess April Joo(Overseas Mission Bureau), Jongwoo Lee(GCN), and Deacon Kyungsuk Koh(Urim Books) received awards.




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