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“I’m healed of herniated disc!”
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Around mid-November last year, I went to work and my back hurt so much. After a hard work, I barely managed to go to the hospital with the help of a co-worker. The x-ray showed it was a herniated disc. ...

“When you come before God, He works miracles.”

Manmin News   No. 714
March 27, 2022

Eveline Lukwama Kimbangi (Age 46, Kinshasa Manmin Church, D.R. Congo)

I went to Kinshasa Manmin Church by the lead of Brother Israel.
I felt the love of the Lord when I heard Pastor Samuel Han’s sermon and it made my heart feel warm. And I was touched by the word and joined as a member of Manmin.
I had a problem which I had had suffered from for a long time. My eyes were itchy from 1999, they were swollen and my vision was blurred. I saw my ophthalmologist but he said there was no problem in my eyes. However, my eyes hindered me from having a normal daily life.
Then I heard good news that there would be an online healing meeting led by Mrs. Boknim Lee. I prayed to be healed at the healing meeting.
I prayed to God saying, “God! I want to read the Bible. Please heal my eyes.”

I had a surprising experience when she prayed with the handkerchief of power on which Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed(Acts. 19:11-12) at the meeting.
A very bright light touched my eyes twice. The first light passed intensely, and the second one shone my eyes. Since then, I have been able to read even small letters clearly. Hallelujah!
I have no symptoms in my eyes now, I can see clearly so there is no inconvenience in doing anything.
I diligently evangelize my neighbors in order to convey the happiness that Father God and the Lord give me. I say to them, “Have a desire in God. If you have a problem, open your heart and come to God. God will do a miracle for you.”
I give all thanks and glory to God, the Creator who healed my eyes and gave me true happiness.




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