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쁔he Divine Healing Meeting to meet and experience God
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On May 27, at 11 pm during the Friday All-night Service, the 쁃ivine Healing Meeting for the sick was held non-face-to-face while being broadcast live around the world through satellite, YouTube, and the Internet through GCN TV( ...

Easter Thanksgiving Service and the Holy Communion

Manmin News   No. 717
May 8, 2022

In celebration of Easter, our church held the 쁄aster Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, April 17.
In the morning service, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock셲 sermon entitled, 쏷he Meaning of Resurrection(John 14:6) was broadcast through GCN.
Also, in the evening service, Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee preached under the title of 쏤or the healthy Christian life(John 6:53-55, Matthew 26:26-28) and officiated the Holy Communion.

The Holy Communion was held online, and the members of the Central church as well as domestic and foreign branch churches attended at each place with a reverent heart, after preparing bread and grape juice symbolizing the Flesh and Blood of the Lord.
Meanwhile, on April 15(Fri.), the members fasted at least one meal and once again engraved the meaning of the love of the Lord on the cross.
In the second part of the Friday All-night Worship Service held online on April 15, the 쁄aster Special Praise Festival: Joy of Resurrection was held with Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee as the praise leader, and the members reminded themselves of the suffering and love of the Lord and offered up praises of thanks and joy.
The Women셲 Mission held the 쁄aster Egg Decoration Contest and the members had a happy time decorating the Eater eggs beautifully that symbolize the Lord셲 resurrection.




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