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The 2022 Feast of Harvest celebration worship and the Holy Communion 쏧n order to bear bea
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Our church held the Feast of the Harvest Sunday service and the Holy Communion on July 3, while it was broadcast live worldwide through GCN TV ( In the Sunday Morning Service, Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee셲 video sermon entitled... ...

[Photo News] Chungju Manmin Church The 23rd anniversary and sanctuary dedication service

Manmin News   No. 719
June 05, 2022

On April 24, at 3 pm, Chungju Manmin Church offered its 23rd anniversary celebration service and the sanctuary dedication service with Pastor Miyoung Lee(Vice president, Pastors Association).
Chungju Manmin Church(Pastor Jaeyoung Park) came to dedicate the sanctuary within the guidance of God the Father and the devotion of the members, and gave glory to God with thanks and joy.




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