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What is the reason why God created the heavens in the beginning, and man in His image? It is to gain true children who can give and receive love with God forever. ...

True trust

Manmin News   No. 722
July 17, 2022

Trusting God
is not just 쐀elieving in God셲 omnipotence.
If you believe in only Almighty God,
your trust may be shaken and destroyed
when the answer does not come
as you thought.

True trust is believing
that God is not only omnipotent,
but also loves you and gives you the best.

Trust is believing in God셲 love
and good will for you from the heart,
and that faith does not change to the end
no matter what circumstances
God allows for you.

쏱ut your trust in the LORD your God
and you will be established.
(2 Chronicles 20:20)

From Dr. Jaerock Lee셲 Christian Column




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