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[Feature Story] Secret to quick answers, God-pleasing Prayer

Manmin News   No. 723
July 31, 2022

We should pray hard with love for God and the Lord.

Above all, we should love God the Creator and the Lord who is our Savior, and pray with the love that fills our hearts. God is pleased with the prayer of love and gives us wonderful answers and blessings.
If we know and feel the ardent heart of God who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth(1 Tim. 2:4), we will pray more earnestly for the kingdom of God. When we hear the news that many people have died from serious accidents or natural disasters, our heart become burning for the salvation of souls.
If a sick person does not only pray for his own healing, but also for those who are suffering from diseases like him, he will receive the answer quickly.
It is because fervent and earnest prayer with love for the souls can move the heart of God and receives His mercy, and it is worthy to bring down the answer.

In this way, the heart that loves God, loves the Lord, and loves the souls makes us pray fervently with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Furthermore, it becomes a passageway for quick answers because it helps us to pray earnestly with the tears of God and the heart of the Lord.

We should sincerely pray with an earnest hope that God셲 will may be fulfilled.

쁁eing truthful is unchanging, and it is 쁡oing our best with sincerity and faithfulness. God is pleased when we earnestly hope that the will of God will be fulfilled, and pray with all sincerity and faithfulness, rather than habitually praying because it is a usual prayer topic.

If we pray sincere like this, we will be able to pray in detail without repeating meaningless words as things to pray constantly come to mind in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. When we pray hard for the kingdom of God with faith and love that comes from our heart, God is pleased with us.
For example, when we pray for a church event, specific items come to mind as we are moved by the Holy Spirit. We can pray so that the workers in charge of the event, finances, weather, and above all, the souls who attend can receive grace and glorify God.
On the contrary, some people begin to pray for the kingdom of God at first, but soon they pray for themselves. Also, there are times when you cray hard when you pray for yourself, but when you pray for the kingdom of God, you can셳 pray fervently.
The prayer seeking the kingdom of God and righteousness first are pleasing to God, so there is nothing that cannot be answered(Matthew 6:33), and the growth of faith can be achieved quickly.

We should offer prayer of goodness, casting off sin and evil with fear for God.

As it is said in Psalm 66:18, 쏧f I regard wickedness in my heart, The Lord will not hear, if we pray with sin in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us and we cannot receive answers. Moreover, if you have committed a sin with actions, you cannot receive answers even more.
The sacrifice offered formally without fear for God is not accepted by God(Malachi 1:10). To fear God is to hate evil(Proverbs 8:13), so those who fear God abstain from every form of evil(1 Thessalonians 5:22). Therefore, those who truly fear God cannot sin or harbor evil in their hearts.

Although you say you fear God, if you are still sad, uncomfortable, and jealous when you encounter things that are not beneficial to you, or if you are offended by others, quarrelling with them, and upset when you encounter things that do not go with your will, it shows that you don셳 fear God, and your prayer cannot be accepted before God.
If you are a new believer who is still weak in faith, God can receive your prayer considering your measure of faith, but if you are a true believer, you must cast off sins and offer the incense of good prayer before God, who is goodness and love itself.




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