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[Pastor Jaerock Lee Memorial Special] I am waiting for the day God will burst into laughte
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I am waiting for the day God will burst into laughter Father, This son was slow to oratorical skill, Nor did I have good social skills. But You changed me, And made me a servant Who manifests the power of God. ...

“We were happy with the love and power of God!” 2022 Summer Retreat, Theme: With Faith, Nothing’s Impossible. (Mark 9:23)

Manmin News   No. 725
August 28, 2022

The ‘2022 Manmin Summer Retreat’ was held under the theme of ‘With Faith, Nothing’s impossible’ (Mark 9:23) in the convention hall of the Oak Valley Resort in Wonju, Gangwon-do, from August 1 (Mon) to 3 (Wed).
The retreat was held for the first time in 3 years since 2019 due to the Corona pandemic. Many people from not only Korea but also abroad were able to participate in the retreat in real-time through GCN TV, the Internet, and YouTube, and it has been simultaneously translated into English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Mongolian, Indian Hindi, Tamil, Odia language, Bhojpuri language, Pakistani Urdu, Filipino Cebuano, Myanmar Burmese and sign languages.
It was predicted that rain would fall in most areas of Gangwon-do under the influence of the 5th Typhoon Songda and the 6th Typhoon Trace. However, the living God worked with the best temperature and weather so that the schedule of the retreat would not be interrupted.

After the arrival service on the first day, at the seminar in the evening, the speaker Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee delivered the message under the title of ‘With Faith, Nothing’s Impossible.’(Mark 9:23; John 11:39-44).
With the premise, “If we ask with complete faith in God, nothing is impossible.”, Dr. Soojin Lee said, “The reason Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, was able to come back to life was because his family believed in the Almighty God, Jesus who is with God, and they loved God and loved the One whom God sent.”
She continued, “I hope that we too will not forget the grace we have received and keep it in our hearts, so that we may possess true faith and love, and manifest God’s glory through works that have nothing impossible, both spiritually and physically.”
After the seminar, she led praise and prayer for repentance and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and then held the Divine Healing Meeting with the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-12) on which the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed.
In addition, Mrs. Boknim Lee, director of Manmin Prayer Center, and Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong, Bishop of United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, in Africa prayed in person with the handkerchief of power for the sick who had registered in advance.
As a result, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, vaccine aftereffect, herniated disc, traffic accident aftereffect, scoliosis, dermatitis, degenerative arthritis, burn, cataract, etc. were healed, eyesight and hearing were restored, and they gave great glory to God.
Especially, the works of the Holy Spirit transcend time and space were revealed to the members who watched it through GCN and the Internet all over the world.
Nicholas Marwa, who participated in the retreat online from Kenya, said that he could not smell anything and had suffered from difficult breathing, but he was healed after receiving prayer.
Members who participated online from India also shared their testimonies that they were healed of cerebral hemorrhage aftereffect, unconsciousness, rib fracture, hemorrhoids, cystitis, otitis media, and various pains.
In addition, believers from Pakistan, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States also shared their testimonies in real time and glorified God.
On the second day, the Campfire led by Dr. Soojin Lee made the touching event together with the chorus, worship team, and music band.

In the first part, we gave thanks for the grace and love of God the Trinity and offered praises of faith with the hope of heaven.
Then, the special song “Happy song” by Canaan Mission, “Manmin” and the encore song “I will follow Him” by the pastors’ association brought happiness and joy to the members.
In the second part, recollecting the grace and love that God has accomplished in the providence of God, we made up our mind to run vigorously with the hope for God’s unchanging presence with Manmin and for the day when God’s will would be fulfilled on all the earth.
After the ‘2022 Manmin Summer Retreat’, where we were happy with the great love and power of God the Trinity, Manmin will become one in the Holy Spirit and achieve the great providence of God more and more vigorously, drawing a day of glory and blessing.




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