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Media covered the 40th anniversary of the Manmin Central Church
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The news of the worship service and celebration event on the 40th anniversary of Manmin Central Church held on October 9 and 16 was covered by the Internet media such as 「Sudokwon Daily」, 「Sisa News」, 「Sisa Magazine」, 「E2News」, and 「Financial Daily」, along with Christian media such as 「Christian Mission News」 and 「Christian World Review」. ...

“Thanks and glory be to God the Trinity!”

Manmin News   No. 726
September 11, 2022

“I give thanks to God for letting us to lead the souls in the world to the way of salvation with the faith that has nothing impossible through the Summer Retreat.”

Rev. Myong-ho Cheong(Bishop, the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ in Africa)

“I felt the presence of God, and I learned how to build up my faith firmly and how to worship God through Dr. Soojin Lee.”

Elder Sebastian Impeto Pengo(Kinshasa Manmin Church, D.R. Congo)

“I was greatly strengthened by the message entitled, ‘With faith, nothing’s impossible.”
I thank Dr. Soojin lee for being a good example of faith herself.

Missionary Batzorig(Mongolia Manmin Church)

“We continue to meet together, praise the Lord fervently, and pray without ceasing. This is how Manmin does.”

Pastor Sharon Cho(Cavite Manmin Church, the Philippines)

“I’ve been waiting for this with longing. I was so happy to gather together again. I will deliver the Lord more fervently with firmer faith.”

Deaconess Wu Xuemei(Kuala Lumpur Manmin Church, Malaysia)

“I was reminded of the happy moments we had with our Senior Pastor. I’m glad to see Manmin full of love and happiness again.”

Deaconess Hyangseo Goo(Gold Coast, Australia)




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